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  1. BomBARDed
    by Library Bards
  2. Ticket Open
    by The Faithful Sidekicks
  3. Getting HallowEven EP
    by Scooter Picnic
  4. You'd Buy This For More Than A Dollar
    by Scooter Picnic
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Internet Famous - IanPlugged
    by Insane Ian
  6. Internet Famous - Ianstrumentals
    by Insane Ian
  7. Porcelain Pony
    by Bonecage
  8. Live...Because, Why not?
    by Insane Ian
    Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch
    Completely honest reviews: I bought this album because my ego made me after finding out my name is mentioned in one of the songs. But it's also a good album! It's nice to hear Ian banter with the audience. That's something you don't get on his other albums.
  9. Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp
    by Devo Spice
  10. BACONspiracy!
    by the great Luke Ski
  11. What A Ripoff! Volume 3
    by the great Luke Ski
  12. What A Ripoff! Volume 1
    by the great Luke Ski
  13. Target: Audience
    by the great Luke Ski
  14. unCONVENTIONal
    by the great Luke Ski
  15. 4th Grade Talent Show
    by the great Luke Ski
  16. Internet Famous
    by Insane Ian
    It's BurgerTime It's BurgerTime
    So much music! So much fun music! And the guest stars are fun, whether they're singing or not. And Ian got Chris Ballew to sing along on a parody of a PUSA song!
  17. The Epic Video Game Medley Collection
    by Insane Ian
    I'm a sucker for video game songs, so this is truly the ultimate medley EP for me!
  18. Fish Food
    by Bonecage
  19. Acouschtick
    by Insane Ian
    The Sound of Chickens The Sound of Chickens
    If you like Ian's music, you'll love these unplugged versions of his songs. "The Sound of Chickens" still cracks me up after repeated listenings.
  20. Songs For Superheroes
    by Insane Ian
  21. Ate Bits
    by TV's Kyle
    Where It's At (8-Bit Booyah) Where It's At (8-Bit Booyah)
    I love how Kyle re-engineered these songs. They're all so peppy!
  22. Headliners
    by Scooter Picnic