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  1. Kaiserslautern, Germany
  2. Electronic
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    by Howie Lee
  2. Kids Are Lo-Fi
    by We Hate You Please Die
    Rita Baston Rita Baston
    fucking punk rock
  3. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue Three: Will It Ever Stop?
    by Stunt Rock
  4. Collection of Throwaway Compilation Appearances, Most of Which Are Total Garbage
    by Stunt Rock
  5. This is Stunt Rock Volume Two: In Memory of Tray Loren
    by Stunt Rock
  6. What To Leave Out (Unreleased, Unfinished and Abandoned Songs 1997-2011)
    by Stunt Rock
  7. We're Not Assholes, We're Just Smarter Than You (Split release with TUYO)
    by Stunt Rock
  8. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue Two: Letting Go Versus Holding On
    by Stunt Rock
  9. What's This Life For?
    by Stunt Rock
  10. This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three: In Memory of Terence Alan Kath
    by Stunt Rock
  11. November Drain
    by Stunt Rock
  12. Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue One: Questions And Answers For The Insecure Youth
    by Stunt Rock
  13. Fuck Canada // Fuck America (Split release with Venetian Snares)
    by Stunt Rock
  14. This is Stunt Rock Volume One: In Memory of Bob Seger
    by Stunt Rock
  15. Mangel An Talent
    by Kowareta Hyoushi
    Zenzen Wakarimasen Zenzen Wakarimasen
  16. Soma
    by Windhand
    Boleskine Boleskine
  17. Tales From The Other Side Of The Bar
    by Captain Catfish's Electric Kool-Aid Test
    ( Hail To The King Of Scum ) Elvis Aaron Presley ( Hail To The King Of Scum ) Elvis Aaron Presley
    Its gonna kick the living shit outta you. 11/10
  18. mnq026
    by S U R V I V E
  19. Diamond Life 01
    by Coco Bryce & FFF
  20. Hardcore Will Never Die
    by Coco Bryce