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  1. An Angel's Kiss
    by Oz Nelson
  2. Elevate
    by Shaun Diaz
  3. Musical Channeling
    by Shaun Diaz
  4. Breath Of Life
    by Epic Music VN
    Plains of Glory Plains of Glory
  5. Darkness (feat. Elvya)
    by Oz Nelson
  6. Elevate
    by Shaun Diaz
    Sahale Sahale
  7. Enemy of Rome
    by Oz Nelson
    Victory Victory
  8. Welcome to My World
    by Florian Bur
  9. A New Beginning
    by Oz Nelson
    A New Beginning A New Beginning
    An album of amazing music that blends both imagination and feelings. If you have not listened to this album then I recommend you do.
    Keep composing Oz :) I hope to hear more music from you soon!
  10. Grand Flying Machines
    by Evening Star
  11. The Way of Honour
    by Marcus Warner
  12. Loch Lomond (arr. Marcus Warner)
    by Marcus Warner
  13. Aurorae EP
    by Amethystium
  14. Dream Once Again
    by Florian Bur
    White Angel White Angel
    What Florian Bur creates in his music is a unique blend of rhythm, harmony and melody.

    Florian's music is deeply emotional and it becomes an invitation to look inside yourself. It can become a soundtrack to your own life complementing your moods.

    Accept the invitation to explore his music, and witness the accomplishments of an extraordinary talent.
  15. Unique
    by Florian Bur
  16. Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines
    by Composers for Relief
  17. The Shadow's Bride (Album)
    by Peter Gundry
    The Shadow's Bride The Shadow's Bride
  18. Reborn
    by Florian Bur
    Único Único
  19. Lovely
    by Florian Bur
  20. Broken (Single)
    by Florian Bur