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  1. Lost Souls
    by Cryptic Doom
    Exactly the kind of Deathcore I love, heavy, techy and plenty of orchestration. Looking forward to a full length.
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  2. Corporeal Torment
    by Anatomia
  3. Eyes of the Deceiver
    by Kolossai
  4. Catgirl in the House of Evil (...and Other Stories)
    by Anna Pest / Argento
  5. It All Began With Loneliness
    by The Anchoret
  6. Cloak & Dagon (Split Maliss)
    by Lavinia Whateley
    Came for the OSDM mastery of Lavinia Whateley, gladly stayed for the equally thrilling Maliss. A brilliant split packed full of ripping riffs, creativity and wild vocals.
  7. Open Season
    by Mi'gauss
  8. A Dream if Ever There Was One
    by Chaos Over Cosmos
  9. Circulate
    by Omnivortex
  10. Evocator/Organic Transcendence/p53 split
    by Evocator
    Organic Transcendence - Man is Mind is Might Organic Transcendence - Man is Mind is Might
    The Cytotoxin (now p53) demo is one of my most favourite things to listen to on the planet, a re-recording is a dream come true! Thanks so much for this. Long term Organic Transcendence fan, too. Some of the best Tech Death you'll EVER hear.
  11. Eidolon EP
    by Lavinia Whateley
  12. Mythos EP
    by Lavinia Whateley
  13. Towards a Dreadful Cosmos
    by Cemetery Dwell
    Dead dimension Dead dimension
    No need to even hear this before purchase, looking at Tyrant's role. I already knew it would be essential. The missing link between An Anatomy Of The Beast and Darksides. With a bit of Unleashed for good measure.
  14. Spewing Mephitic Putridity
    by Cryptworm
    I said Demilich were inimitable. I was wrong. Listen to this and believe in the impossible.
  15. Invocation Codex
    by BIZARRE
  16. Colossal Titan Strife
    by KRONOS
  17. Behind The Mask
    by Dawn Of Decline
    Really hope the album will be released soon, as it promises to be one of the very best in Tech Death history. Fast, heavy, well written, full of razor sharp riffs and atmosphere.
  18. The Nightspirit's Call
    by Clavicus Vile
  19. Yearning: Promethean Fates Sealed
  20. Echoes
    by Wills Dissolve