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  1. Silent Storm
    by Sixfingerz
    For The Rain For The Rain
    This album blows me off my feet and takes me off to a tranquil place; away from this wicked & cruel world. Your ears are your vessel, Sixfingerz is your guide... Float away with the music and beats of the Silent Storm...
  2. Red
    by Sixfingerz
    6 Days and One Week 6 Days and One Week
    A blend of fresh and new with electric snippets that tease your ears and feet with feint remembrance - classical tunes, drops, melodies, transitions entrancing, illusive, textured, powerful. International sound beats build up and the bass line follows-through, leaving you desiring the track to go on and on.
    Various instruments are interwoven brilliantly amongst drum beats and tempo percussion twists which take you on a journey that is both daring and exhilarating.
  3. Exposition
    by Takenobu
  4. Poly Bridge Original Soundtrack
    by Adrian Talens
  5. We Got it in Nature Vol.2
    by WeGrowWax Records
  6. We Got it in Nature Vol.5
    by WeGrowWax Records
  7. We Got It In Nature Vol.1
    by WeGrowWax Records
  8. We Got it in Nature Vol.3
    by WeGrowWax Records
  9. Street Bangerz Volume 9
    by Sixfingerz
    Universal Law Universal Law
    Absolutely rad contemporary music with timeless soul; interweaved through a beat-master's melodic stories... Classic Sixfingerz sounds it out loud with this vibin' mix for real!
  10. IWYMI Volume Four
    by Various Artists
  11. Travelin' Man
    by Sixfingerz
  12. IWYMI Volume Two
    by Various Artists
  13. IWYMI Volume One
    by Various Artists
  14. Buddha Fly
    by My Neighbour Is
  15. But I Do
    by Poldoore
  16. Bust Free 17
    by Various Artists
    I Feel I'm Going Down I Feel I'm Going Down
  17. Midnight Finger Gymnastics
    by Sixfingerz
    Law Of Nature Law Of Nature
  18. Extra Digits
    by Sixfingerz
    The Promise Of Something New The Promise Of Something New
  19. Sticking with Differently
    by Sixfingerz
    Here For You Here For You
    I absolutely love the unique vision portrayed by the musician in this album. An e.p. to chill out to; filled with seemingly hidden contexts and extremely artistic, at times intense, sampling. Hypnotized by beats and rythym: you will be, woven amongst melodies and messages, caught up in the music. This is fun stuff!
  20. Champion Sound Beat Battle
    by Sixfingerz