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  1. A World Ahead
    by The Anchor
    West Archer West Archer
    The Anchor has developed into a juggernaut in the world of metal. I bumped into The Anchor's music through bandcamp mid 2015 or so and their sound was so unique and stand-alone compared to the other bands I listened to at the time. Now with "A World Ahead," their sound has further been developed and refined into a solid gem of musical prowess. Each song on this album has found a way to reach into my heart and soul and make me feel something that I had no idea I could feel again or before.
  2. solitude.
    by jinsang
    wander. wander.
    Such a smooth album of solid beats. Wander stuck out to me most throughout this collection because it struck a nostalgic chord in my heart. It reminded me of all the old exploration driven RPG's I played growing up with a hint of style that one might expect from Samurai Champloo. Overall, the individual beats converse with one another very well, great to put on shuffle and repeat during a long drive.
  3. gratitude.
    by jinsang
    let.go [one 4 jun] let.go [one 4 jun]
    I grew up watching Samurai Champloo and quickly became a fan of the music that helped build the world around each of the characters and environments featured. After listening to this entire collective of beats, I can confidently say that many of Jinsang's works illustrate my daily life just as Nujabes and Fat Jon's works did for Champloo. I Love the tribute to Nujabes as the final track, feels like a wax seal for the entirety of the beat tape. Keep up the fantastic work, Jinsang.
  4. nightsun ep 夜太阳
    by msnthrp
    last train 最後 班火車 last train 最後 班火車
    This EP is a wonderful composition of mellow, melancholy lo-fi beats that proves to be both memorable and outstanding. Each track has something fresh to offer, speaking individually but also contributing powerfully as a whole to the entire EP. Between the haunting melody of "dying swan 垂死的天鵝" and the optimistic and mellow beat of "last train 最後 班火車," this EP is well worth the purchase, absolutely beautiful.
  5. Dreamland
    by Sleepdealer
    B7.Wander B7.Wander
    Dreamland is a fantastic cassette that skillfully weaves nostalgia, the varied perspective of time, and atmosphere together with each individual track. The collaborations on this cassette flow seamlessly with one another, but keep each individual's flavor rich and notable. By far, one of my favorite lo-fi productions, worth the purchase.
  6. Unravelling
    by We Were Promised Jetpacks
    Peace Sign Peace Sign
    Having listened to this band starting with "These Four Walls," this album exhibits a much more mature and honed tone. We Were Promised Jetpacks has always had fantastic instrumental and lyrical work, but "Unravelling" presents listeners with a solidified heart beat that displays the band's development over time. My top three songs on this album are "Ricochet," "Peaks and Troughs," and "Peace Sign." This band has immense potential and I'm excited to see what they create next. Well worth the buy.
  7. Risk of Rain
    by Chris Christodoulou
    Coalescence Coalescence
    This game was a favourite of mine and among my friends as well. We spent our weekend nights running through level after level on monsoon difficulty jamming alongside these tunes and made it further and further each time, only to take breaks for food runs to the local shop conveniently open as late as we decided to stay up. I'm so glad the soundtrack is available, I can now listen to these tracks while I work and not worry about distraction. Keep up the great tunes, Chris!
  8. Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste!
    by Bear Ghost
    I Wanna Be Like You I Wanna Be Like You
    Such a rad album, each song has something super powerful to offer and I've become a fast fan of Bear Ghost as a result of this album. Keep up the good tunes, guys!