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  1. Moon People
    by Kal-El
  2. Úma
    by I Am Low
    Time Time
    Spacey, grungy stoner rock that has gotten better with every listen. The spacey/psych elements really groove. Dig it!
  3. Circle Of Days
    by Hippie Death Cult
    Eye in the Sky Eye in the Sky
    I genuinely thought I already had this… well I have it now. I love HDC’s tone, and the riffs and vocals are pretty slick too.
  4. Helichrysum
    by Hippie Death Cult
  5. Sleep Inertia
    by Hypergiant
  6. Lucifungus 4
    by Lucifungus
    She sells She sells
    Consider these rumblin’ riffs obeyed. Killer!
  7. World Domination
    by Blood Command
    The Plague On Both Your Houses The Plague On Both Your Houses
    I absolutely love the whiplash-inducing 'let's do whatever the f*ck we want to' wild ride that "World Domination" provides. It somehow manages to be both exactly what you expect and nothing like what you expect based on the singles and it is definitively better for it. Hell yeah.
  8. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons
    by Earthless
    Death To The Red Sun Death To The Red Sun
    Been enjoying this on wax since release, elated to have it here on Bandcamp now too.
  9. Dead Man's Theme (Full Album)
    by Dead Gallery
    Tearin' Myself Apart Tearin' Myself Apart
    To be honest, the vocals are a but hit or miss for me but the heavy blues on display here - the modern offspring of Double Trouble, Cream, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience - is truly excellent. Any fan of blues licks and rock ‘n roll will find a lot to love here.
  10. Kalpa
    by Mexicoma
    Follow the Crow Follow the Crow
    Gritty, groovy stoner rock with killer vocals. Dig it.
  11. Gilded Sorrow
    by The Obsessed
  12. Nyctophobic
    by Terromania
  13. Return Without Any Memory
    by Sonic Moon
    Hear Me Now Hear Me Now
    Super groovy, bluesy, heavy stoner. The stellar vocals add a unique layer to the sound too. This kicks ass.
  14. Signals
    by Misticeti
    Hybrid Feelings Hybrid Feelings
    Somehow encapsulates the vibe of the cover art; a chill, mystical swim through a desert. I really like it.
  15. Jovian Queen
    by Jovian Queen
    Nostromo's Demise Nostromo's Demise
    Old-school, kinda lo-fi stoner doom heavy on the retro fuzz. Gives me the same vibes that The Heavy Eyes’ earlier output did, which is killer. Dig it!
  16. Distortions
    Obsess and Regress Obsess and Regress
    Godthrymm continue and improve their already wonderful brand low ‘n slow classic heavy doom.
  17. Tyhjiö
    by KITA
    Ataraksia Ataraksia
    Punishingly heavy, whirling psychedelic-infused death/doom/sludge savagery that is also beautiful in it’s devastation. Although I cannot understand the lyrics, you can feel their meaning. Brilliant.
    by NAUTHA
    Incredibly lovely heavy prog/psych that takes you on an entrancing journey. Wonderful!
  19. The Infinite Mirror
    by Ritual King
  20. II
    by The W Likes
    Doctrine Doctrine
    Killer Norwegian fuzzy stoner rock that is well worth the wait. The W Likes deliver in spades.