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  1. Molt
    by Crystal Spiders
  2. Third Stone from the Sun
    by Huanastone
    Oliver Pt. 2 Oliver Pt. 2
    Addicting! Has everything fans of lysergic desert rock want, and then some.
  3. Violet Hour
    by Alunah
    Hypnotised Hypnotised
    Powerful. Not just the haunting vocals or the immense doom backdrop: the whole is so much more than just the sum of it's parts.
  4. Woe to the Timid
    by The Mud Suns
    My Enemy My Enemy
    Fuzzy, bluesy rock with plenty of attitude. Dig it!
  5. Hail the Void
    by Hail the Void
    All Hail All Hail
    Crunchy, powerful, doomy... What else do you want?
  6. Venus Skytrip
    by Psychlona
  7. Split from the Black Hole
    by Heavy Temple
    Oh, HELL YES. Two killer bands covering the legend that is Funkadelic. Count me in!
  8. Split from the Black Hole
    by Wolf Blood
    Oh, HELL YES. Two killer bands covering the legend that is Funkadelic. Count me in!
  9. Enhailer / Black Pyramid split Lp
    by Enhailer / Black Pyramid
    A brilliant split between to great bands. Love it!
  10. Spank The World
    by Wight
    Island In The Sun Island In The Sun
    Wickedly funky and downright fun. A blast to listen to.
  11. Transmogrified
    by El Bosco
    Hydra-Centaurus Hydra-Centaurus
    Intense, high octane progressive slightly stoned sludge that goes for jugular and won't let up.
  12. Elephantus (EP)
    by Elephantus
    Elefantíase Pineal Elefantíase Pineal
    Powerful, heavy, raw stoner metal. What it may lack in polish (particularly in production) it makes up in spades with unbridled enthusiasm and energy.
  13. Darkness Died Today
    by Sigiriya
    Freedom Engines Freedom Engines
    Darkness clearly is going strong but this album absolutely rips.
  14. Witness
    by Benjamin Booker
    Right On You Right On You
    Bluesy, soulful garage rock brimming with power.
  15. Fast Car b/w Fire (Steady Groovin Mix)
    by Black Pumas
    Fast Car Fast Car
    I love the Black Pumas and the cover of Tracy Chapman's classic is brilliant.
  16. Mount Hush
    by Mount Hush
    Summer Song Summer Song
    Absolutely nails that heavy yet tranquil vibe. Perfect psych rock to kick back and chill to.
  17. Angel & Abyss Redux EP
    by Spirit Adrift
    I Think Of Demons (Roky Erickson & The Aliens) I Think Of Demons (Roky Erickson & The Aliens)
    Two stellar covers and an alternate take join forces with a great cause of vital importance.
  18. Strega // Hey Hey My My
    Strega Strega
    Atmospheric sludgy doom. The production nails the dank, dark vibe too. Super cool!
  19. Cosmic Key
    by High Priest
    Huge. Fuzzy. Riffs. I dig this so much.
  20. The Woes of a Mortal Earth
    by Brimstone Coven