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Kristy Diaz

  1. Leicester, UK
  2. Punk
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  1. Mother Evergreen
    by Mother Evergreen
    by lord snow
  3. gb/ol h/nf
    by oso oso
  4. POST-
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  5. the yunahon mixtape
    by oso oso
  6. Always Foreign
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
  7. We Cool?
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  8. Touch / Fire
    by I Love Your Lifestyle
  9. Funeral Pyre
    by Julien Baker
  10. Slow
    by SPORT
  11. Miss The Stars - Screamo Sampler IV
    by Miss The Stars Records
  12. We Go Way Back
    by I Love Your Lifestyle
  13. Mahogany
    by Forth Wanderers
  14. Tough Love
    by Forth Wanderers
    Blondes Have More Fun Blondes Have More Fun
  15. As It Were
    by Marietta
  16. Amy Locust Whatever
    by CBMC
  17. milo the dog sees color
    by CBMC
  18. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
    by CBMC
  20. ÒOR 1.5
    by CBMC
  21. 2015 Sampler
    by Big Scary Monsters
  22. Snacks
  23. BNOC/Zero Chill
    by Alimony Hustle
  24. II
    by Sleep Kit
    Piñata Beehive Piñata Beehive
  25. Dealer
    by Foxing
    Night Channels Night Channels
  26. Ys
    by Iron Chic
  27. Harmlessness
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
  28. Le Voyageur Imprudent
    by shizune
  29. winterhold
    by lord snow
    asmr request asmr request
  30. Studio 4 Acoustic Session
    by tigers jaw
    Nervous Kids Nervous Kids
  31. Mable
    by Spraynard
    Bench Bench
  32. Ledge
    by Dikembe
    Worst in the Fury Worst in the Fury
  33. Analphabetapolothology
    by Cap'n Jazz
    The Sands’ve Turned Purple The Sands’ve Turned Purple
  34. Tread A Northern Path
    by Carson Wells
    Northern Path, Southern Lens Northern Path, Southern Lens
  35. Gutter Gutter Strike Strike Gutter Gutter
    by Alimony Hustle
    Gutter Gutter Strike Strike Gutter Gutter Gutter Gutter Strike Strike Gutter Gutter
  36. Everyone Everywhere
    by Everyone Everywhere
    Raw Bar OBX 2002 Raw Bar OBX 2002
  37. Like Shadows
    by Ampere
    by TREE / MCTREEG / soultrap TREE
  39. Boo
    by Papayér
    Something Better Something Better
  40. They Don't Have to Believe
    by PUNCH
  41. It's OK, It's Not OK
    by Kind Eyes
  42. Totem
    by Baton Rouge
    Côte du Py Côte du Py
  43. Mediumship
    by Dikembe
    Hood Rat Messiah Hood Rat Messiah
  44. Wilt & Rise
    by Vales
  45. S/t
    by Sleep Kit
    Sleep Kit Sleep Kit