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  1. Wake of a Nation (EP)
    by Zeal and Ardor
  2. Lights in the Distance
    by False Horizon
  3. Ascend
    by Vodun
    Started From Started From
    This powerhouse of spirit and heavy riffs is exactly what I need in this life. Seriously one of the best bands I have ever heard. Their music hit me hard from the very first note and now I'm hooked. This album is even better than their 2016 debut, and that's saying a lot.
  4. Planet 9
    by Rose McGowan
  5. Casting the Circle
    by High Priestess
    The Hourglass The Hourglass
    Sludgey, heavy, absolutely stunning album. Stoner-doom for badass witches. Musically evolved from their hard-hitting debut, and it's not even their final form...
  6. Possession
    by Vodun
  7. Superstition
    by The Birthday Massacre
  8. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Run Run
  9. High Priestess
    by High Priestess
  10. 1692
    by Frayle
  11. Ligeia
    by Draconian Incubus
  12. Dead Inside
    by Frayle
  13. Transience
    by Shylmagoghnar
  14. The White Witch EP
    by Frayle
    I want more. I've never heard anything like this. It's like Beth Gibbons vocals over Alice in Chains riffs. Give. Me. More.
  15. Transition
    by False Horizon
    Beautiful, meditative, full of emotion and intellect. I've stopped counting the times I turned to this album for comfort.
  16. Midnight Champion
    by LEGEND
    Legend's sound has evolved even further since their first album, and is totally unique, and mind blowing. Dark, atmospheric, soft and hard hitting all at the same time. This band is a jewel, and this album- a jem. Absolutely overwhelming, and gets better with each listen. I'm so glad I found them.

    Update: I have been looping this album for three weeks. I haven't listened to anything else. I can't stop. Send help.
  17. Hurry Home (goth-industrial resistmix)
    by S. J. Tucker
  18. The Light In My Darkness
    by Erebos
  19. Berdreyminn
    by Sólstafir
  20. Dissatisfactions
    by Onsind