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  1. Wrath of Heaven
    by Goatscorge
  2. Ringing the Bell of Gleaming Martyrdom
    by Within Thy Wounds
  3. Fearless
    by Acrania
  4. Unbreakable Fury (2020 Re-Recording)
    by Acrania
  5. The Consecratory Secretion
    by Apokatastasis
  6. Sacred Hills
    by Fatalismo
  7. Blood Debt
    by Úzkost
  8. All Decaying Form
    by Cryptic Rising
  9. Passion Of Depression
    by Lamentations
  10. Funeral Flowers (Breaths / Daygraves / Wounds of Recollection - Split)
    by BREATHS
  11. Hvasvelger, the Post Black Demos [post-black/atmospheric]
    by Timingila
  12. EXPEDITION I : Dissonanzgrat
    by Antrisch
  13. The Existence Of Human Suffering
    by Abated Mass Of Flesh
  14. Demo 2006
    by Harvester Of Souls
  15. Visions Of An Apocalyptic Wasteland
    by Harvester Of Souls
  16. The Separation Of Wheat From Chaff
    by Harvester Of Souls
  17. He Who Jumps Into The Void Owes No Explanation To Those Who Stand And Watch
    by Haunter
  19. d e m o VII
    by Cryptic Rising
  20. Supremacy of Blood
    by Final Vortex