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  1. (a) period. (24bit)
    by AES DANA
  2. Inks (24bit)
    by AES DANA
    Akacie - 24bit Akacie - 24bit
    what a masterpiece of music and sound what an amazing release <3

    Nuphar Log, Peace Corrosion, Alep Offset how can someone pick a favorite with such amazing stuff
  3. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (Remastered) Extended Edition
    by Shpongle
  4. 360
    by ASURA
    Altered State (album edit) Altered State (album edit)
    needed to complete the Asura collection on BC even though i already owned it

  5. Pollen (24bit)
    by AES DANA
    Low tide explorations - 24bit Low tide explorations - 24bit
  6. Flux & Contemplation - Portrait of an Artist in Isolation
    by Simon Posford
    The New Normal The New Normal
    WoW and straight in the feels.
  7. Carnival Of Peculiarities EP
    by Shpongle
    Dr. Vinklestein Says Dr. Vinklestein Says
    Dr Vinklestein is here! RR2019 <3
  8. Leylines (24bits)
    by AES DANA
  9. Artifacts Of Time
    by Maluns
  10. Radio Universe
    by ASURA
    Oblivion Gravity Oblivion Gravity
    Unbelievably good cd!!

    great stuff from Asura again!
  11. Jettison Mind Hatch
    by Tipper
    Fallow Fallow
    Red Rocks pre show whas awesome this track killed it as many others

    Stellar production!

    Baleen is pretty damn impressive!
    the whole album is tbh! cheers!
  12. Season 5 (24bits)
    by AES DANA
    Peripherics - 24bits Peripherics - 24bits
  13. Codex VI
    by Shpongle
    Celestial Intoxication Celestial Intoxication
  14. Vaccine Electronic
    by Younger Brother
    Delina Did It Electronic Delina Did It Electronic
    its Younger Brother!!! Vaccine is already brilliant, and the electronic version is highly recommended as well!!
  15. Lucid Planet II
    by Lucid Planet
  16. Biogenesis [24 bit]
    by Althai
    What an Epic piece off music!!
  17. Oasis Sky
    by Tor
  18. Manifold
    by AES DANA
  19. 9980 (24bit)
    Snow Park - 24bit Snow Park - 24bit
    Simply stunning brilliant album full of subtle details and emotions!

    CD/Vinyl are definitly worth a place in the stack of awesome!

    Get some proper headphones or stereo sound before judging is recommended
  20. Birth of the Marvellous
    by Sermon
    Prog metal at its finest!
    Awesome production crispy clear drum definition top notch stuff!