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  1. Spawn of Misanthropy
    by Desolator
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    Sectarian Breed Sectarian Breed
  2. The Art Of Sickness
    by Profanity
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    Mouth Of Nepotism Mouth Of Nepotism
    Make PROFANiTY great again \m/ [9.3/10]
    Return to form from Thomas Sartor and his mates... technical and brutal death metal that will get better as we get to familiarize ourselves with its complex song structures. Quantity over quality? You won't get that here : The Art of Sickness is a pound for pound contender for album of the year!
  3. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
    by Virulent Depravity
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    Serpentine Messiah Serpentine Messiah
  4. Æpochalypse
    by Æpoch
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    Æpochalypse pt. II Existence Is Imminent Æpochalypse pt. II Existence Is Imminent
    [ 4.8/ 5 ]
    Hard to find more quality packaged into a single EP.
    Brutal and well crafted.
    Album artwork is another piece of art worth a look!
  5. Organic Nucleation
    by Dark Matter Secret
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  6. Hatred Hell Within
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    [4.9/5 ] The title track of the "Hatred Hell Within" EP is a gargantuan beast of technical death metal. It's a song that's as relentless as it is well crafted. The introduction alone should get the fans headbanging, but as the song progresses complexity takes over and it becomes a ride that does not feel like a 7minutes epic. It goes by so quick that you will be pushing repeat to try and get a hold of everything that's going on in this composition.
  7. Mictlan
    by Kossuth
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    Plains of the Soaring Dagger Plains of the Soaring Dagger
  8. Story To Tell - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
    by Death
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    [ 4.3 / 5]
    for this demo version...
    original track is a [ 4.9 / 5 ]
    among the 12 best
    Schuldiner songs, easily!
  9. Moloch
    by ANCST
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    Moloch Moloch
  10. Illuminance
    by Virvum
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    Ad Rigorem Ad Rigorem
  11. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
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    Crypt of Creation Crypt of Creation
  12. Within the Dead Horizon [PRE-PRODUCTION]
    by Inferi
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  13. Titanomachy
    by Imperium
    track 00:00/00:00
    Think Kronos level of brutality... and they share a penchant with them for mythological themes. Also for fans of death metal like : Ade / Necronomicon (Quebec) / Nile. This album is one you'd better not sleep on!
  14. Sécheresse
    by Unhuman
    track 00:00/00:00
    Nothing quite compares to this album by Unhuman... Musically and vocally there is something to discover for any open minded metalhead. Youri Raymond's vocals are among the most unhumanly recorded in the history of metal. You have to hear it to believe it. [4.8/ 5]
  15. Expect The Unexpected (1996 Demos) w/ Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals
    by Control Denied
    track 00:00/00:00
    [5 / 5] Even if it's a demo. Because it'S Control Denied sung by Chuck Schuldiner? Why had I never heard this before? Well here it is as a single track on BandCamp : prbably the best song never to have been sung on CD by the master of Death Metal : Chuck Schuldiner, R.I.P.
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  16. v/a "into the vortex"
    by ANCST
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    Arctic Waste Arctic Waste
    The definition of << Cold >>.
    Experience through music.
    This split is worth its weight in gold!
    ANCST (the drone incarnation of the duo) really create something great to hear. The other tracks are poignant in their own way, listen and behold!
  17. Inhumane Minimalism
    by Human Serpent
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    The World in Coffins The World in Coffins
    [9.3 / 10]
    The melodic leads are amazing, and the first track will get you hooked on the music of HUMAN SERPENT. The blackened/death/thrash sound they have made theirs has procuced a genuine masterpiece of modern metal on <<Inhumane Minimalism>>. {detailed review in the works}
  18. Those Who from the Heavens Came
    by Inferi
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    [ 4.7/ 5 ]
    almost perfect,
    there are some dark and violent parts that cohabit with some mind-bending twists. The kind that you would think were are quirky as what Unexpect did
    "in a FleshAquarium"... well
    Inferi simply work in the more brutal regions of extreme metal while keeping it original and mesmerizing.
  19. Withered on the Vine
    by A Loathing Requiem
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  20. Furnace
    by ANCST
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    urban tomb urban tomb
  21. Words
    by Unexpect
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  22. Pour rendre tes idées floues
    by Psychic Use
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    Dormir sur les moutons Dormir sur les moutons
    << LE >> band de métal prog/alternatif québécois à découvrir... des refrains accrocheurs mais des chansons pas si facile d'approche. Un 'must' pour les fans de métal incisif, ''Pour rendre tes idées floues" est un album démontrant une vision quasi théâtrale qui a des affinités avec Silverchair et possède des traits marquants de SoaD : un son abrasif autant du côté des riffs syncopés que du côté de la section rythmique. Parmi les meilleurs albums que vous n'avez pas encore entendus. [ 9.1 / 10 ]
  23. Perennial Blackout
    by Oneiric
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    Ephemeral being Ephemeral being
  24. Birthing Homunculi
    by Equipoise
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    Alchemic Web of Deceit Alchemic Web of Deceit
    [4.7 / 5]
    Great intro song, intricate guitar work and the melodies are so good i can't stop singing it....
    great start to a brutal EP. \m/
  25. Interdimensional Extinction
    by Blood Incantation
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    Subterranean Eon Subterranean Eon
    Primal, Brutal, Technical & Brooding Blackened Death Metal... words cannot describe the experience but there is something earth shatteringly destructive at work in this music \m/ Best EP of 2015 material? Easily a contender! [4.8 / 5]
  26. Reflecting The Inside
    by Anachronism
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    Infused or Innate Infused or Innate
    Anachronism's latest album is one to remember: this tech death formation's craft is refined and they are efficient at churning out wonderfuly brutal compositions. "Memories" & "Ephemeral Embrace" are succinct samples of their songwriting wit. "Reflecting the Inside" is among the EPs that you have to hear at all cost from 2015. In a word? Brilliant! They will be remembered as part of Switzerland's NewWave of BrutaL TechDeath. [4.7 / 5]
  27. GO LE HIBOU!
    by GO LE HIBOU!
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    La faim du capitalisme La faim du capitalisme
    Si les restrictions des stéréotypes du sous-genre nommé << métal alternatif >> ne s'appliquaient plus à Psychic Use nous obtiendrions bien Go Le Hibou! C'est une progression hors des sentiers battus qu'ils nous offrent ici, placardée de tôle. Ajoutez le dynamisme d'une 3e voix à ce que le groupe fait de mieux depuis leurs débuts et vous aurez une idée de ce que représentent ces chansons ("En Français svp!"). Ce disque éponyme est certes 1 des meilleurs albums du rock québécois moderne. [8.8/10]
  28. Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment
    by Infectology
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    Gorging on Misanthropy Gorging on Misanthropy
    [8.7/10] Brutal Death Metal from Ecuador, with a slammy overtone of nihilistic primal aggressivity... something along the grooves of "Blasphemy Made Flesh" era Cryptopsy & the 1st Kataklysm album. INFECTOLOGY deliver a constant efficiency from song to song and they bring a fresh take to the genre. The guitar tone contrasts well with the MidFi approach to the drums (great snare) that are reminiscent of Brodequin's . An album to check in the genre for 2016, for the sheer quality of the recording.
  29. Leprosy (Reissue)
    by Death
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    Leprosy Leprosy
  30. Outer Isolation
    by Vektor
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    Fast Paced Society Fast Paced Society
    [ 9.1 / 10] This might be the less amazing album of the 3 releases we can currently hear from Vektor's catalog.
    This doesn't mean that ''Outer Isolation'' is to be ignored. Get the other albums 1st, then grab a bandcamp copy of this one (cause CDs/Vinyl of "Outer Isolation" r selling for big $$ on eBay.) I enjoy 'em all but "Black Future" still gets the nod as the most intense piece of thrash this side of 1990s The Crown's. "Terminal Redux " has more proficiency just less impact than the debut.
  31. Punk Core From Hell (1997)
    by Bald Vulture
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    Dark troops Dark troops
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  32. Our Cosmic Casket
    by Allegaeon
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  33. Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea
    by Allegaeon
    Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea
  34. Eyes of the Deceit
    by Madrost
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  35. Elements of Instability
    by Fuck You And Die
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    Security Through Obscurity Security Through Obscurity
  36. Cryptic EP
    by Cyn
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Eon Eon
  37. The Gateway (EP 2013)
    by Bleak Flesh
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Introspective Hypernova Introspective Hypernova
  38. Stormcaster
    by ANCST
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    black ice black ice
  39. From a Hadron Machinist
    by Alkaloid
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  40. A Tunnel To Eden
    by Alustrium
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    Slackjaw Slackjaw
  41. Origin
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  42. Stellar Damnation
    by Teleport
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    Stellar Damnation Stellar Damnation
  43. The Outrage Machine
    by Incontinence
    track 00:00/00:00
  44. Hostis Universi Generis
    by A.M.S.G.
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Broken Chains Of Cursed Flesh Broken Chains Of Cursed Flesh
    [9.1] Black metal with a grime chaos overtone. The evil that engulfs AMSG's sound in it's enthropic wickedness leads to brutality and deluvial torrents of drums and guitar. They can sometimes let some well crafted harmonious passages take place as on thee 3rd song on "Hostis Universi Generis". The melody they use for this song's 'catchy''' riff (in the2nd movement) is quite amazing. [it can be heard around 4minutes to 5 minutes and later again around 8minutes]
    {detailed review to be added}
  45. Paradise Awaits
    by Kossuth
    track 00:00/00:00