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  1. The Gray Entity
    by Phantom Gorgo
  2. La Voix de L'ombre
    by Veil of Dreams
  3. Introduction
    by Eskapism
  4. Patterns of Light
    by Qualen
    Dispersion Dispersion
  5. Hexenring
    by Häxan
  6. Solstitium Fulminate
    by SUNN O)))
  7. Clouds Emerging From Woodlands
    by Hiemal
  8. British Black Metal - Vol 1
    by Marwolaeth Records
    The Brooding Guardians of Forgotten Secrets The Brooding Guardians of Forgotten Secrets
  9. They Know
    by Until Death Overtakes Me
  10. The Subterranean Stench
    by Yarrow
    Cassap Cassap
    Please can you add the lyrics to this magnificent piece of work ..
  11. Bellum Romanum, Caput Lupinum / Le Recours aux Forêts Productions
    by Bellum Romanum
  12. Black Fires Of Madness Over The Sleeping Hills (Demo)
    by Dryadel
  13. Dosage
    by Veil of Thorns
  14. Anthologie Der Abkehr
    by Wallfahrer
  15. Imperfect Heavens
    by Stroda
  16. Still alive
    by Angel of nature
  17. The Art of Zen II
    by Alenda
  18. Langs Scheld- en Denderland...
    by Kludde
  19. Eyes to Breath
    by Poetry Of Thorns
  20. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
    by Vergeblichkeit