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  1. The Arrival
    by Recursive Eons
    Tough As Nails Tough As Nails
    "The Virtual Boy needed your eyes to live, but now, it's back and it want your ears too!"
    Joke aside, really awesome album!
  2. Treasure Buster Original Soundtrack
    by Norrin_Radd
    Stage 01 BGM ~ Slam Dancer Stage 01 BGM ~ Slam Dancer
  3. Slayin - Original Soundtrack
    by Norrin_Radd
    In-Game Theme 2 (New in the 2.0 Update) In-Game Theme 2 (New in the 2.0 Update)
  4. Slayin 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Matt Creamer
    The Best Performance of Your Life The Best Performance of Your Life
    Slayin 2 musics are really amazing. Can't stop playing the game to listen to these energising guitar tracks while slaying a lot of monsters.
    Thanks for this stunning soundtrack Matt Creamer!
  5. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Matt Griffin & Dan Murdoch
  6. Yooka-Laylee (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Steve Burke
  7. ~Monthlies 2020.01~
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Dragonfire Dragonfire
  8. ~Monthlies 2019.12~
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Beyond Reflection Beyond Reflection
  9. Fusion
    by A-zu-ra, DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Ancient Hopes ~伎楽の希望~ Ancient Hopes ~伎楽の希望~
  10. Rival Megagun Original Soundtrack
    by Dominic Ninmark
    Arcade Opening Arcade Opening
  11. Cool Patrol
    by Ninja Sex Party
    Release the Kraken Release the Kraken
  12. ~Monthlies 2019.08~
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Outrun the Storm Outrun the Storm
  13. All in a Day's Work 4
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Angelic Drive Angelic Drive
  14. ~Monthlies 2019.03~
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Vintage Chiptrance Vintage Chiptrance
  15. Way of the Passive Fist - Official Soundtrack
    by Orie Falconer
  16. To the Max!
    by Primo the Alien
    Sex Dreams Sex Dreams
  17. My Delorean (feat. Primo)
    by Timecop1983
  18. Encounters
    by Epoch
    Vanguard - X1 Vanguard - X1
  19. Prime Legacy
    by CarboHydroM
    Fire Curtain Fire Curtain
    Prime Legacy is really an amazing album. Your imagination go wild while listening to these tracks. Fire Curtain feel like an opening and it's really my favorite.
  20. They Made Me An Animal
    by VHS Glitch
    Adrenaline Dose Adrenaline Dose