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    by SEACATS
    matthews beach matthews beach
    This is basically songs from the box 2. Which is a little disappointing to me because I like music more than these weird trippy little diddly's usually. That being said, I love the seacats and this is no exception. The few real songs on here are great as usual. Can't wait for the full album boyz
  2. I Thought It Was Morning
    by Colour Me Wednesday
    Shut Shut
    I don't know why this was listed as ska music. It's not even close baby. Although I still enjoy a number of songs here.
  3. You Are the Dream Star
    by Cheap Haircuts
    We're Becoming Distant We're Becoming Distant
    This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I listen to it constantly. The lyrics are very relatable, fun and sometimes even sad. These songs are already etched into my mind. I burnt this album to a cd and gave it to a friend, but that was back in may and I'm pretty sure she never listened to it because, like, it's 2016 who burns CD's anymore like laptops don't even have disk drives anymore. Anyway, I love this album and would buy a physical copy so quick. 10/10
  4. Выбар
    by Ferris Wheel
    Будем жить! Будем жить!
    This band is simply amazing and I wish more people would hear it. Horns are streetlight manifesto good. All my friends said they were really impressed. Keep it up Boys. EDIT: Looking back a few months later I'm still shocked how few people own this album. Maybe releasing some tracks for free first would've helped. Anyway I still love this album even though I can't understand a single lyric.
  5. You Were There
    by Kill Lincoln
    Bike Shorts Bike Shorts
    I just really like it. Hardcore ska is something the world needs more of.
  6. Metal Music
    by SEACATS
    Pop Song Pop Song
    SEACATS is better than Weezer. I have TyTy from OnYourComputer to thank for exposing me to this wonderful pop rock band.
  7. Where Has the Music Gone?
    by General Tso's Fury
    Hypertension Hypertension
    Some Pretty fun modern ska music. Surprised at how few people have bought this album, because it really is good. I often forget this isn't popular music because it sounds like it is.
  8. Good Riddance to Good Advice
    by Kill Lincoln
    Good Riddance to Good Advice Good Riddance to Good Advice
    Good Riddance was my favorite song of 2015. I remember the night I found the sound I just turned my headphones up to 10 and said "Fuck Yeah". Been a big Kill Lincoln Fan ever since
  9. Songs from The Box
    by SEACATS
    Anxiety (dumb things) Anxiety (dumb things)
    This is the weirdest seacats album in my opinion. It's not as traditionally structured and thats because the josh and the other guy, knittles I think is his name, made the album on 8 track or some shit. Nonetheless, there's still a handful of actual songs here that are a lot slower and simpler than most SEACATS songs. I like it, just not as much as their fuller efforts.
  10. The 7" Burger (Single)
    by SEACATS
    SEACATS is my favorite band and having 2 physical records (including the extra point red vinyl) is amazing in itself. But I want to give a special thanks to their bass player Jordan for the wonderful notes he including written on sweet valley high book pages. I have them hanging on my wall. I love these guys.
    by SEACATS
    Longer Longer
    SEACATS are my favorite band. I thank TyTy from onyourcomputer for using your music in his videos, because this band kicks ass. This is Better than Weezer, and I'm wearing a weezer shirt right now.