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  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. GatZilla (C-Gats & Zpu-Zilla) - Attack on Titan
    by C Gats
    Soul Soul
    Lenny Bruce knew the deal, words are just collections of syllables we use to share ideas. Great tunes on this set, I hope to hear more bangers comin' out of the #GU camp. You guys are awesome and inspiring.
  2. Round 1 : Super Arts
    by Ryuken Vs
    Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry
    You feelin' irate about humanity's state - load the Rom and emulate the #GU template - assimilate til we cover the globe like Sherwin Williams paint - you *ain't* - gunna find a via'ble restraint, tuh keep us from exposin' all the holes in ya faith - Call it strange, even a Nubian can still be a newb again - This is inevitable, lyrical regime change - While y'all go the ways of L.J. n' Myspace - Applied the .IPS patch, re-arranged this game - But you still tryna play, like the level's the same |