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  1. Marlena (Vocal Version)
    Fantastic track that is sure to get the jazz dancers and any self respecting dancefloor busting moves! Afro beat, afro jazz, broken beat and a subtle Nina Simone vocal sample thrown into the mix. Stunning.
  2. Here And Now Recordings Afrobeat
    by Various
    Omanfoa - DJD Remix - JC Edit Omanfoa - DJD Remix - JC Edit
    I'm a bit late to this one but I'm glad I found it! Afro-jazz, broken beat, funk and everything in between makes a positive & lasting impression on this epic release.
  3. Mesdames Yo EP
    by Sol Power All-Stars
    Mesdames Yo Mesdames Yo
    Hi energy African inspired music. Love the Night in Tunisia rework.
  4. Roots Down Low
    by Native Guard
    Plenty going on in this high energy afro jazz funk combo.
  5. Vermillion
    by Garrett David
    Deep, hypnotic house that goes light on the beats and heavy on the minimalisation. Brilliant.
  6. Waiting
    by Hidden Spheres
    Be A Man Be A Man
  7. A Million Miles Away
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
    『82.99 F.M』 『82.99 F.M』
  8. No Chaser
    by 4DSoul
    Boss tuune. Wicked Neo soul groove accompanied by classy piano backdrop and slick vocals. Perfect fit.
  9. Tango Hustler
    by Tango Hustler
    Summertime feat. Lizzie O'Keefe Summertime feat. Lizzie O'Keefe
    Good debut from a band with plenty of promise. Love Lizzie's vocals and that neo soul groove. Good stuff.
  10. Tchotchke
    by CANABME
    Marlina Marlina
    Not sure what I've stumbled across here!? There's a story being told (seemingly via phone conversations), punctuated by some very solid and appealing Neo soul. The whole things hangs together pretty well and makes the listening experience fresh. Canabme is one to watch me thinks....
  11. So Cool
    by Blossom & HOT16
    So Cool So Cool
    Can't go far wrong layering Blossom's laid back vocals over a backing track like that. A promising release that is boosted by HOT 16's smart production skills. Can't help wishing for slightly more vocal presence on the busier BusCrates Remix though. There's talent on display here so looking forward to hearing the album.
  12. Geometricks EP
    by Nu Era
    Heartstrings Heartstrings
    With Marc Mac's involvement this was only ever going to be quality. Melodic, non fussy, uplifting, electronic house permeates this teasingly short release, By the time you get to the killer track of the EP - Heartstrings with it's breakbeat groove and synth heavy bassline you're ready to bust some serious shapes and get into a whole LP of this kinda groove. Hopefully an LP won't be far off. Love it.
  13. Mister Mellow
    by Washed Out
    Hard To Say Goodbye Hard To Say Goodbye
    This is the first release by Mister Mellow on Stones Throw Records (who I rate highly). Laid back melodies with dreamy vocals and the odd flush of psychedelica makes this a pretty enjoyable listen for me. Will have to check out some of his earlier work.
  14. June
    by Garreth Broke
    The Last The Last
  15. Ether
    by Tristan Eckerson
    Ether Ether
    My life will always have room for classical music, especially piano compositions like this that are so easy to connect with emotionally. This owes much to the excellence of Tristan Eckerson. Beautiful.
  16. In My Heart
    by Jazz P
    Sweet Melody feat. Ras Skunk Sweet Melody feat. Ras Skunk
    Love the creativity and solid production that is evident on this EP. You can hear the various influences cited by Jazz P in the hiphop, neo soul and reggae grooves on display - making this a riveting release. Hopefully there is much more to come.
  17. Sirens of the Nile / Open Sesame
    by The Spy from Cairo
    Open Sesame Open Sesame
    North Africa meets Arabic meets dub influence! It's wonderfully enchanting. Looking forward to the forthcoming album.
  18. Soukura EP
    by Alsarah & The Nubatones
    Soukura (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) Soukura (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
    This is Nubian pop!? Well sign me up as a fan. The percussion the arrangement, the vocals feel like you have gone back in time to an era of purity and africanism. It's a joy - bring forth the album.
  19. Dilla
    by Abstract Orchestra
    Workinonit Workinonit
    by KON
    Take the juiciest part of a track, sprinkle glitter, add some Kon magic and you end up with a very tight edit of a very good song flipped into an uptempo soul disco number! Genius.
    by KON
    Oh my!!! One of the funkiest, baddest, most original edits of a timeless classic I've ever come across. Sensational. I doff my cap Kon.
  22. Mangase/Hafi Deo
    by Various Artists
    Hafi Deo Hafi Deo
    African disco funk of the highest order. Just give it a spin, I defy you to be still!
  23. Voyager
    by Moonchild
    Cure Cure
    Dreamy Neo Soul topped with silky and soothing vocals. A well produced and very solid album. Looking forward to hearing more from Moonchild.
  24. Undefined
    by Lost Midas
    Calipatria (feat. NüTrik) Calipatria (feat. NüTrik)
    Such a beautiful beautiful LP. Synths, lush melodies, a variety of tempos abound. Making this a thoroughly absorbing listen and a jolly good one at that. Brilliant.
  25. I Found You ft. Dezeray Dawn
    by Osage
    Oh my. Banging deep house, afro beat, broken beat wickedness! The addition of Dezeray Dawn's on point vocals makes this an absolute belter of a tune. Have a listen and try to stay still, I dare ya!
  26. NIGHT FEVER (RLP Re - Fevered)
    by RLP
    NIGHT FEVER (RLP Re - Fevered) NIGHT FEVER (RLP Re - Fevered)
    Take a classic disco track, give it to a top notch DJ for an edit and this is what you end up with. Mercifully, RLP hasn't sought to manipulate the track too much so it retains its familiar nostalgic appeal with a hint of tweaking here and there. Anyone else and it could have been a dog's dinner, but we are talking about RLP here.
  27. Paris Edits Vol.1
    by Young Pulse
    Work 2 Do Work 2 Do
    Activate party mode! Slamming edits from a very talented guy. Stunning.
  28. Paris Edits Vol 2
    by Young Pulse
    Shake It Shake It
    The best things sometimes come in small packages. So this 3 track EP might seem scant but when it comes to Young Pulse it's all about quality not quantity. Classy stuff indeed.
  29. Paris Edits Vol 3
    by Young Pulse
    Dig It (It's Time) Dig It (It's Time)
    More high tempo soul disco excellence that will amp up any self respecting dancefloor.
  30. Paris Edits Volume 4
    by Young Pulse
    Don't You Know, Baby Don't You Know, Baby
    Brilliant EP from the Paris Edit series on GAMM. Young Pulse is being talked up a lot and it's easy to see why when you listen to this superb soul disco edit. Guaranteed to keep the soul/disco heads happy.
  31. Mass / Mon Ecole
    by XOA
    Mass (Ben Hauke Remix) Mass (Ben Hauke Remix)
    What a release! Broken beat, afro beat, deep house and lounge styles are included on this impressive work from XOA. One to watch...
  32. Ting Som Vi Gjør
    by Peanut Holmes
    Ting Som Vi Gjør Ting Som Vi Gjør
    I'm a big fan of Peanut Holmes. If you don't have their first EP 'Hello' you're missing out! This single is more excellence from the talented Norewegians. It includes an instrumental of the brilliant Bada Nasaka but Ting Som Vi Gjør's gentle vocals and neo soul meets downtempo grroves is just exquisite.
  33. Den lille musik København
    by Andrés Vela Segovia
    Den lille musik København Den lille musik København
    A short but beautiful slice of piano music that will take your thoughts to a very soothing place indeed.
  34. Astraea Remixes
    by ephemerals
    Astraea (Laolu Remix) Astraea (Laolu Remix)
  35. Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 13
    by V.A.
    Van Hai - Dernier Amour (Ripperton’s No Love Lost Reshape) Van Hai - Dernier Amour (Ripperton’s No Love Lost Reshape)
  36. So Far So Good
    by Seb Fletcher
    What the fuNk What the fuNk
  37. Erik Satie - Musique
    by Andrés Vela Segovia
    Gnossienne 1 Gnossienne 1
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  38. Passage
    by Lowercase Noises
    Roaring Forties Roaring Forties
    Can't recall how I found this release but I'm glad I did. Take whatever mood you're in and by the time you finish listening to this if you aren't left in a reflective, calm and ultimately grateful state about life - seek medical help. Beautiful.
  39. Healer (Featuring Nicholas Ryan Gant)
    by Rob Milton
    Neo Soul with raw attitude and a savage groove! Turn to the Healer!
  40. Safari
    by Brazilian Groove Band
    Hot Brazilian jazz brilliance with a feast of percussion funk to boot! Those horns!!!
  41. April 7th feat Grant Green Jr.
    by Brazilian Groove Band
    Classy uptempo jazz funk number.
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  42. Can't Wait for Perfect
    by Bob Reynolds
    Nine Lives Nine Lives
    Really enojyable listen.This album is full of soulful jazz and makes for a great easy listening session. If you like your jazz slightly laid back with a touch of sophisiticat you'll enjoy this.
  43. Rainy Days
    by Erik Jackson
    Through The Storm Through The Storm
    A varied and sophisticated sounding LP. My initial feeling to describe this as a great lounge album would be too simplistic especially when you listen to the beautiful jazz hues on tracks like Rainy Days and Starlight. Or the classy piano composition and dreamy tempo of Be Mine or the drum & bass/broken beat fused It's Time or Staying Home Tonight. Suffice to say, it's an excellent album and a throughly absorbing listen.
  44. Ashley Henry's 5ive
    by Ashley Henry
    St. Anne's St. Anne's
    A stunning mini album release from Ashley and his trio. The delicate, soothing and piano led detail that is evident on every track will make your heart sing. A beautiful llittle jazz thing going on right here.....bravo.
  45. Light Of My Life b/w Dreamin's For Free
    by Benjamin & The Right Direction
    Dreamin's For Free Dreamin's For Free
    Funky little release featuring a classy, very danceable soul funk number in Light of My Life. Dreamin's for Free evokes that laid back Sunday afternoon breezy soul mood. Very enjoyable.