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  1. Stand in My Shadow Forever
    by Developer
  2. Asshole
    by Straight Panic
  3. Banknotes, Dreams, & Signatures
    by Caroliner Rainbow Scrambled Egg Taken For A Wife
  4. Strike Them Hard Drag Them To Church
    by Caroliner Rainbow Wire Thin Sheep Legs Baking Exhibit
  5. Gradual Small Fires (And A Bowl Of Resonant Milk)
    by Steve Roden
  6. Oculus
    by Worth
  7. Toodoos
    by Caroliner
  8. Apocalypse
    by Straight Panic
  9. The Satanic Verses
    by Straight Panic
  10. Flagging: First Four Albums
    by Straight Panic
  11. Forms of Paper (remastered)
  12. Transit
    by Bischoff Brown & Perkis
  13. Area of Refuge
    by Josh Peterson
  14. non-dweller
    by gabby fluke-mogul, Jacob Felix Heule, & Kanoko Nishi-Smith
  15. Come and Test Christ
    by Terror Cell Unit
  16. The Data Industrial Complex
    by Terror Cell Unit
  17. Industrial-Historical Document 3: Indian Country
    by New Forces
  18. Children Of The Screens: A Precursor To The Data Industrial Complex
    by Terror Cell Unit
  19. Burnt White Elephant
    by Limbs Bin
  20. Desert Plains
    by Steakfry