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  1. Yurikamome ( ゆりかもめ)
    by Atmosphere Factory
    What else can I say about Atmosphere Factory other than what I have said in the past to Gio... I simply get such pleasure listening to the sound created and it helps me to relax and chill out...
    Thanks guys, you're the best.
  2. Holding On To A Dream
    by sir Was
    Quite simply I just love to chill out to sir Was music after a long day in the saddle... café Americano, sir Was; recovery and relaxation as it should be be..
  3. Purnima
    by Makyo
    Chilled out ambient sound that has become part of my R&R after a decent training ride. Started with Atmosphere Factory, then Padmasana, now Purnima. My sons think Dad's a bit of a bearded hipster... 🌟
  4. Padmasana
    by Padmasana
  5. Vault Vol. 1
    by STRFKR
  6. DJ-Kicks (Matthew Dear)
    by Matthew Dear
    Quite simply music to the ears & into the soul. I play the continuous mix & relax. Chilling out as it's meant to be. Well done Mr Dear!
  7. Bluestown EP
    by Rag'N'Bone Man
    Introduced to you by one of my sons prior to the rise to fame via Human. Blues, sung with a blue voice.
  8. Digging A Tunnel
    by sir Was
    There's something about the preview track that seems to grab hold of just the right place in the mind and soul. Looking forward to March 2017 to listen to the whole album and receive the CD too...
  9. Atmosphere Factory
    by Atmosphere Factory
    Listened to the preview and thought I've just got to have this so pre-ordered the limited edition CD & download. It's spellbinding, beautifully crafted ambient music.
  10. Angel Eyes EP
    by A-Sirr
    Music Is The Key Music Is The Key
    What's not to like? Great sound, great tracks. Love it to bits!!
  11. •qop•
    by •qop•
  12. GRAVE EP
    by Frank Lion
  13. Can't Get Enough
    by コンシャスTHOUGHTS
    コンシャスTHOUGHTS x Android Apartment - 『ダンス! ダンス!』 コンシャスTHOUGHTS x Android Apartment - 『ダンス! ダンス!』
    Listened to the first track on the album and just had to have it. Bought the download and will play whilst training for my racing session. Just love the sounds blasting from my tablet...
  14. when u chillin but u blazed doe
    by BALENTSバランス
    by NYKDLN
  16. Primordial EP / Weather Channel EP (SPLIT)
    by SONSO / RC Kola
    by §E▲ ▓F D▓G§
  18. BWS005: Abilify Ambivalence
    by Kierious
  19. SAY WIFI
  20. Welcome To Uncanny Valley
    by M I R A N D A
  21. BWS006
    by Night Tempo / Ezhak
  22. Pink Marble
    by Captain T.V. 舰长电视
    by High School Drama Teacher
  25. クラウド
    by PEGA 速力
  26. Alium
    by Submotion Orchestra
    Amazing album, love the sound the group generates. Can't wait to see them live at Gorilla in Manchester later this year....looking forward to an epic live show in a fabulous venue under the railway arches of Oxford Road station, Manchester....
  27. Light Upon The Lake
    by Whitney
    Just love listening to your music guys. Especially like No Woman but all the tracks have a certain something going for them. There's something about your music that appeals to me. It's my chill music, you are brilliant. Just bought tickets for your gig at Gorilla, Manchester UK in November 2016. Really looking forward to seeing you live.
  28. In Gold
    by Submotion Orchestra
    Just had to have this collection of tracks to go with the others I've bought since hearing four tracks from Colour Theory and an interview with them on Bandcamp radio one winter's afternoon...
  29. Colour Theory
    by Submotion Orchestra
    I listen to each week's Bandcamp Radio shows & when I heard the four tracks of Colour Theory on the latest edition along with the interview I simply had to buy the CD & download. A UK band from Leeds, formed in Manc (my city) that is now based in London but returns to the northern powerhouse to rehearse and relive their time in Manc. What a collection, what a great sound. Best of luck guys, you deserve to be on the road to bigger things.
  30. Maui
    by Kava Kava
    Kava Kava have a sound that simply feeds the soul. Amazing group from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK. Listen to them and feel the love of what pure music is supposed to be like.
    by Kava Kava
    Clarity Clarity
    I saw Kava Kava in The Globe, Glossop a number of years ago and I was hooked. When I found out they were from my birth town then that hook became 'family'. Pat Fulgoni has a voice that is simply electric, they play music that is outstanding and in Sounds from a Big Town triple CD set Chocolate Fireguard Records have my home town to perfection.?
  32. Commercial Grates 2018 version
    by Salmonella Dub
    First heard your Inside The Dub Plates album in a café in Cairns when on a trip to Australia... asked café owner who was on the CD system. Bought the CD when I got back to UK... also got One Drop East... then along comes Bandcamp and Commercial Grates... the best thing out of New Zealand since the All Blacks!!!