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  1. Some Kind Of Sunshine
    by Trevor Menear
    November (A Long Way From Here) November (A Long Way From Here)
    From the opening wail of the slide guitar, you know you're in for something special. Great blues and soul. His guitar-playing is first-rate. Especially the finger-picking. I love the production as well. Courageous and astounding.
  2. Nathan Jones is Dead
    by ghostpal
    Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
    These guys are obviously young, and they have an energy and sound that is incredibly infectious. This is a great concept album & I highly recommend it. The passion the singer puts into "Circle" is awesome.
    by ghostpal
  4. In Cinema
    by Oddarrang
  5. Necrobisect
    by Pete Jon
    devil got his eye on me devil got his eye on me
    This musician mines the richness of traditional folk-blues while exploring 21st century sounds. Found-sounds, samples and all sorts of other goodies find their way into the tunes. His lyrics and clever word-plays hit hard. An album I'll be listening to a lot.
  6. Symphony of Ghosts
    by Dan MacCormack
    Fear in the Wild Fear in the Wild
    Just a great album by a talented singer who writes haunting songs with a country-folk feel, but the music isn't easily classifiable.The backing musicians are consistently first-rate. This is an outstanding album.
  7. Mechanisms
    by Jean Baudin
  8. When I'm Down
    by RUBI
    Great track! The song, production, musicians combine to create an atmosphere that is at once familiar and new. Give it a listen.
  9. mostla tara tape
    by Tara King Th.
    Ventolin (with Halasan Bazar) Ventolin (with Halasan Bazar)
    An alluring, surreal aural feast. Maybe this is what French cabaret music will sound like on the first Mars colony.
  10. No Wonder
    by Will Stratton
    Who Will Who Will
    A truly gorgeous album by a modern troubadour and an excellent musician who writes beautiful songs with a universal appeal. Consummate guitar work, excellent production. Plus, a song about Franny Glass.
  11. 50 Songs 50 States
    by Netherfriends
    Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee, FL
    A former mayor of Calgary once said, "The Americans are our best friends whether we like it or not." What better way for me to get to know my best friends than through this ambitious and successful project? The title says it all (actually 51 songs -- it includes DC). Shawn Rosenblatt plays with sound, form and rhythm; the result is a three-hour-plus musical geography lesson/travelogue of diverse, dreamy pop songs.
  12. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
    by Caroline Says
    My Fiancé's Pets My Fiancé's Pets
    Excellent indie pop that's easy on your digestion. Not a bad song on the album.
  13. Your time is soon
    by Master Harker
    With jaw ajar (we enter oblivion) With jaw ajar (we enter oblivion)
    I can't decide whether I semi-hate this or kinda like it. Without a doubt. it's an in-your-face, uncompromisingly anti-genre, lo-fi record. I like the mellotron, horns and violins; I think the guitar could use tuning and the voice needs work, but, hey...Neil Young, Vic Chesnutt. Not to mention Yoko. It takes talent and audacity to put out an album like this. Okay, I kinda like it.
  14. The Night That Guided Me
    by MESTA
    I Seek Your Face I Seek Your Face
    Serbian-mantra post-punk, postrock, post-everything darkwave. Slow, somewhat haunting, melancholic music that's largely acoustic and strangely affecting, with subtle textures and crescendos that keep it from becoming boring. For me, it's like strong medicine, best tasted in small doses. Also contains rumbles deep enough to shake the plaque off your teeth.
  15. beat easton
    by Beat Easton
    '98 Buick '98 Buick
    Indie band from UK. This is not your run-of-the-mill, three-chord garage band. They are four excellent musicians; their music is rich & complex; their lyrics are full of imagery. A happy surprise.
  16. Fire Times
    by Steve Uccello
    Basses! Standard, stand-up, even a custom made resophonic. A fine album of jazz music that flows seamlessly through capacious freeform to more traditional rhythms. I have one complaint: it's too short!
  17. Saturn in the Ninth House
    by Bonikowski
    New World Values New World Values
    Beats from the desert. Most of the tracks are short sketches.
  18. French Exit
    by TV Girl
    Birds Dont Sing Birds Dont Sing
    Excellent, dreamy, sunny-side-up indie pop with enough musical and lyrical hooks to catch a giant squid. The polish of the music is contrasted by edgy lyrics, eg. "When her letter came he didn't cry/he wrapped her pantyhose around his eyes." Nice lyrical reference to Dylan.
  19. You Me Tree
    by You Me Tree
    Slideshow Slideshow
    An exceptional indie band from UK. I like their sound, immediate and kind of rough around the edges without being sloppy. Solid, mantra-like lyrics, great singer and a killer drummer. They've probably been compared to Mumford. I like these guys more.
    A great interpretation of a classic song, reminds me of James Blake.
    Definitely worth the buck.