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  1. VGM Acapella: Volume X
    by Smooth McGroove
    Super Metroid - Brinstar Red Soil Acapella Super Metroid - Brinstar Red Soil Acapella
    A selection of classic and favorite games make up this one, what's not to like on this album?
  2. This City Made Us
    by The Protomen
    This City Made Us This City Made Us
  3. Yooka-Laylee (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Steve Burke
  4. Part Time Punks Session
    by Torche
    Admission - Part Time Punks Session Admission - Part Time Punks Session
    New versions of these already spectacular tracks, absolutely solid. We all gotta do what we can in these rough times. Take care of each other yall.
  5. Before The Night
    by HOME
    We're Finally Landing We're Finally Landing
    How does something feel nostalgic and fresh at the same time? How can it feel before my time yet resonate with me? Aptly named, this music really does feel like home. Warm, comfortable, pleasant groove.
  6. Real Art
    by Drewtoothpaste / Crudbump / CYBER VISION
    Fucked Up Cruise Fucked Up Cruise
    Pure entertainment. You gotta hear it to understand. Very difficult to choose a favorite track but Fucked Up Cruise is completely relatable.
  7. Space Jazz
    by Michal Menert
  8. Turbulence
    by Miami Nights 1984
  9. New Others Part Two
    by This Will Destroy You
    Sound of Your Death Sound of Your Death
  10. New Others Part One
    by This Will Destroy You
    Go Away Closer Go Away Closer
    More quality sonic texturing. Soundtrack to a modern era with no naïveté. Follow this band until the sun burns out.
  11. Admission
    by Torche
    Slide Slide
    Sludgy harmonized goodness from Torche, while not as brutally heavy as the last album, it puts a smile on my face. Balancing on the knife edge being both heavy and catchy. I never thought they'd top Harmonicraft for me, but this one has the potential for it, I love that "happy metal" feel. Gonna have to give it some more heavy listening. Thanks for another great album y'all.
  12. Even If It Isn't Right
    by Michal Menert
  13. Slow Coast III
    by Michal Menert
  14. Shining in the dark
    by JEDDI
  15. DX7
    by JEDDI
  16. ノスタルジア
    by JEDDI
  17. Heartbeat
    by JEDDI
  18. The Wall [Redux]
    by Various Artists
    In the Flesh? In the Flesh?
  19. Wave 1
    by Com Truise
    Wasat Wasat
  20. Spectrum EP
    by Muzzy
    Spectrum Spectrum