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Chris Starck

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  1. VA
    by The Last Bison
    Governor's Son Governor's Son
    When I heard The Last Bison was working on a new album, I was unbelievably happy, thought I knew it could never live up to Quill. Somehow, miraculously, it did live up.
  2. Ben Seretan
    by Ben Seretan
    My Lucky Stars My Lucky Stars
    This album is more than just melodies. It is an incredible combination of beautiful sounds and raw emotion.
  3. Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer
    by Tortured Soul
    Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer (Original Mix) Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer (Original Mix)
    I'm going to be honest; I meant to download the single. With that being said, I'm glad I made that mistake. I hate dancing, but when any of these mixes come on, I can't help but start grooving to the beat and belting out the lyrics.
  4. Restless Ghosts
    by Old Abram Brown
  5. Follow my Lead, Lead me to Follow
    by The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
  6. "Black Forest (Tra La La)"
    by Pale Young Gentlemen
    The Crook Of My Good Arm The Crook Of My Good Arm
    This album was my first foray out of the mainstream with music. It led me to so many beautiful sounds, but somehow, it has never stopped being one of the most amazing albums that I have heard.
  7. Quill
    by The Last Bison