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  1. I Remember Them
    by mommy
  2. Darlene
    by Tough Customer
  3. "I HATE IT... IT'S GARBAGE" 2016
    by Kid Chrome
    by Kid Chrome
    by Xylitol
    Saw them with OKC's Druj and Iceland's Dauðyflin last night and I still haven't come down. I love this like I love bands like Rudimentary Peni and Dawn of Humans, however different the music itself is. Stage presence as hell. Corey saved punk so Xylitol could kill us w/ it <3.
  6. domo
    by Warm Bodies
    The Psychic Connection The Psychic Connection
    c'mon, like everybody doesn't already know that warm bodies is one of the best diy bands in the midwest rn. got this ep at oklahoma's einok fest this year and it's been on steady rotation since.
  7. Nasty Licks
    by Blystex
    Peligroso Peligroso
  8. I'm Frustrated
    by brain smasher
  9. The Divide
    by Ataque de Rabia
    GET THIS DEMO. I have TX band Narb (who rule) to thank for suggesting I grab Ataque de Rabia's tape.
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  10. Promotional Materials Split
    by Bleak Age
    we're sorry
  11. Yelling Your Name
    by dusk
  12. شو بتشوف؟ "What Do You See?"
    by HARAM
    Saw Haram at Oklahoma's Everything Is Not OK III festival, and have never seen a show get more fucking insane. Haram were killing it, people were literally flying all over the place, including the vocalist. But it's more than that. Haram stands out as one of the most culturally relevant and important bands in the states, challenging issues of cultural and social oppression for all marginalized peoples. Vocalist Nader also sings in Arabic and stands full force against the racism and religious phobia faced by middle eastern americans, issues that have relentlessly plagued our country and people, even before 9/11. I highly recommend reading his interviews, I challenge all to join and support them in this effort. I hope I've done an at least passable job representing them here. I also consider myself lucky to have seen them.
  13. Pictures of You
    by Chook Race
  14. 6 hrs
    by ELIX-R
    saw them at Oklahoma's Everything Is Not OK III festival and got blown the fuck away. if they're in your town, don't miss out. also guys if it's ever possible to order your tapes from here, hit me up!
  15. II 7"
    by SHEER MAG
  16. ... THE DEMO
    will mecca took their pix then their music took my <3

    idk i guess this qualifies as a love triangle
  17. Rising Seas
    by Stelliferous
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  18. I Fear No Man
    by Pryss
    Pussy Worship Pussy Worship
    Saw them in OKC @ The Shop earlier this year and they blew me right the fuck away. Honestly one of my favorite queer/feminist hc acts on the scene.
    by O.D.D.
    Roll for Initiative Roll for Initiative
    They're reeaall dreamy. Best new addition to the OKCDIY scene. If you like anything by Mark Winters or Flipper or Eyes or whatever, you'll like this, too. And if you don't, then whatever. I'm still not over their hilarious fucking tape title.
  20. DEMO
    by BLEAK AGE
    what up, i'm the vocalist. here's our improvised demo. i paid a dollar for computer access to my own music and edited half the lyrics right after we released it on cassette.