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  1. Columbus, Ohio
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
    Art School Art School
    Erik's sugar high confessionals voicing his insecurities about growing up contrast well against the grittier backing of the band as a whole. Ambitious song structures keep you waiting for the intense breakdowns that emphasize the "rock" more than the "indie".
  2. The New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Jazz
    by Various Artists
    Cock Destruct Cock Destruct
  3. Diving Lessons
    by Jellyfish Brigade
    In the Green Grass In the Green Grass
    Lucas Dix comes off like an old man on a park bench, freely sharing his profundity with whoever's listening. Jeffrey Acciaioli sets these barefoot poems in a soundscape as vast and wondrous as the wilderness they were inspired by. To my knowledge, Jellyfish Brigade is the only group fusing elements of folk, hip-hop, and electronic music. Their first full length release further proves they might be the only people who can.