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  1. Grace's Cradle
    by Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils
  2. Chess, Love & War
    by Yonas Campbell
  3. Til We Can Run
    by Brothers Abide
  4. Notes, Volume 3
    by Heath McNease
    Yoski Woski (Peesky Weesky) Yoski Woski (Peesky Weesky)
    😙 I'm going going gone

    Jul 🔴
  5. Freedom Ft. Jim Carrey
    by The Daddy
    Love the "Mockingbird" remix but this one from Pete actually sounds sick!
    Oct 📹
  6. Stories Left Untold
    by George Wilks
    Feel Something Feel Something
    We both performed at Brighton Mic Records
    Sep 📹 & Oct:
  7. Another Side of Paradise
    by Yonas Campbell
    Denim Blue Denim Blue
    Like sinking deep into a soft bed.
    Aug 📹:
    #SmalltownDreamer gave Yonas his 1st stage :D
  8. Heartache Set To Music: A Sonic Curation Of My Most Emotionally Vulnerable (And Least Commercially Viable) Moments. Written And Recorded In My Bedroom.
    by Heath McNease
    Plato's Closet Plato's Closet
    The bedroom-pop breakup-album Smalltown Dreamer would have been if I'd also made 20 others before.
    Keep going Heath!
    Aug 📹:
  9. RAPPER (featuring Keyes)
    by Heath McNease
    1 rapper credible, both incredible
    Jul 📹:
  10. The Divided Selfie LP
    by Cerulean | MC Beastly
    love getting my own lyrics on iPod Classic :D
  11. Love (Never Alone)
    by Romoni Inomor
    "London was a Vibe" co-writer first-steps at vocals
    Jun 📹:
  12. Sidelines
    by Phoebe Bridgers
    sounds great, don't understand message
    Jun 📹:
  13. Crip Van Winkle
    by Heath McNease
    Prefer 2 Notes 2 Furious
    May 📹:
  14. 23:58:20
    by 433 Records
    Functions of Routers, Switches, Access Points (23:58:20 Version) Functions of Routers, Switches, Access Points (23:58:20 Version)
    (May) Usually compilation albums are unoriginal rehashes which go on & on but
  15. Undeaf
    by Hēran Soun
    A Picture Of A Woman A Picture Of A Woman
    I'd suspect a Thom Yorke side-project if I hadn't met James @ SXSW!
    Apr 📹:
  16. Smalltown Dreamer
    by Cerulean | MC Beastly
    for the iPod Classic XD
  17. Pandemonium
    by Nina Kohout
  18. Stanley
    by Rainbow Chan
    Love Note 情書 Love Note 情書
    Gorgeous nostalgia in a modern self-production.
    via Dave Zhou's label
    Feb 📹
    👌 "Heavy" & "Doing Word"
  19. Beautiful Bird (Ethereal Version)
    by Holly Honeychurch - Adrian Freedman
    life (and death) affirming stuff from Holly
    Jan '22 📹:
    by The Sooper Swag Project
    SWOOP HER ft. Julia Steiner SWOOP HER ft. Julia Steiner
    Tik-hop will emulate the craziness & it will sound like "Swoop Her". I'm glad they got there first.
    thx James Acaster.
    Jan '22 📹: