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  1. Set Sail for the Golden Age
    by Antti Martikainen
    Wolves of the Sea Wolves of the Sea
  2. Pieces Ov Eight Bit: The Chiptune Pirate Metal EP
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
    Hook The Plank Hook The Plank
    Silly story time: Tumblr is full of bullcrap posts about "Your X according to your astrological sign" posts I usually scroll past... until one day I noted one assigned "oddly specific metal genres". Curious, I checked and mine was "chiptune pirate metal". Blew my mind you could mix these three awesome things. I ran to google and lo and behold: found this magnificent EP.
    Bought it and put in on a special playlist I got to air at work for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. :)
  3. Wintergatan - Full Album
    by Wintergatan
    Valentine Valentine
    Found this thanks to the Marble Machine on Youtube, and I'm so glad for it. What a gem!
    This album, forgive the phrasing, Gives Me Feels. When I was tiny, I had this musical porcelain figurine you twisted to play a lullaby, and this album strikes right at the visceral nostalgia chords in me. I just love hearing the mechanical clicks along the chimes. Songs like Sommarfågel twist my gut in a melancholic, yet good way, but I wanted to highlight the upbeat/experimental tunes too, like Valentine!
  4. The Iron & Jazz Age
    by Vourteque
    Ballyman Ballyman
    Heard Ballyman in one of Montreal Speakeasy Electro Swing's compilations and I was sold!
    It might not change my life and make the sun shine brighter, the wine taste sweeter and my soul feel lighter, but it's still pretty neat. :)
  5. Music from SteamWorld Heist
    by Steam Powered Giraffe
    The Stars The Stars
    What a deliciously steampunk-y album!
    I faved The Stars since it's so upbeat and catchy, and the bit with Hatchworth is adorable, but I like The Red Queen and What We Need Are Some Heroes a lot too (to mention the new stuff), and the new take on Automatonic Electronic Harmonics sounds absolutely great.
    I haven't played the game so I wasn't sure what I was getting on the tracks that aren't previewable here (though I wasn't too worried, I'm not new to SPG) and I really didn't regret the buy!
  6. ジオフロント GeoFront
    by Roex
    ウイルス (Virus) ウイルス (Virus)
  7. 再生 (Rebirth)
    by Roex
    再生 (Rebirth) 再生 (Rebirth)
  8. MEGA PACK 1
    by Popskyy
    DeathNight DeathNight
    Quality crop of bleeps and bloops, ★★★★★
  9. The Graalbum
    by Les Compagnons du Gras Jambon
    Ecce Mundi Gaudium Ecce Mundi Gaudium
    Je vous ai découverts grâce à Youtube, et je suis trop heureuse que vous ayez fait un album studio même si vous êtes d'abord et avant tout un groupe de rue puisque j'ai peu de chances de vous voir en vrai. Mais bon, que j'adorerais vous voir sur la scène du Duché de Bicolline, si un jour vous traversez l'Atlantique!
    Album très bon, varié, qui rend très bien votre son je crois (à défaut d'avoir droit au visuel; votre énergie; votre présence; et la danse/jonglerie avec les éventails et rubans).
  10. Believe In Your Dreams
    by TWRP
    Pale Blue Dot Pale Blue Dot
    1 2 3 SPORKS
    Hey baby, Québec City,
    Guys're my rock n' roll besties
    Hey baby, come and sing for me
    (In Québec City)~
    /shameless begging
    ((seriously if you venture a little bit further north to play sometime you're in Québec it'll make my year))
  11. 2nite EP
    by TWRP
    The Hit (feat Ninja Sex Party) The Hit (feat Ninja Sex Party)
    TWRP is the best, they have come through space and time and the 80s and Ontario to save us all through the power of flair, funk and friendship.
    I'm so glad Lazerhorse's cover art made me check out their albums because they skyrocketed as one of my favorite bands ever.
    The first non-metal band I now plan to see live, if the forces of the universe let me (still miffed I couldn't see them in Montreal this summer).
    All of my love to you guys: Booster Gold, Lion-o, Guitar Hero and Iron Giant. ❤
  12. Insomnia
    by tiasu
    Insomnia Insomnia
  13. Fire
    by tiasu
    Incinerate Incinerate
    The album that got me checking out what else Tiasu has done.
    Extremely strong album all around, with all the tracks starting with an "F" happening to be especially good for some reason... but the one that shines out the most for me is Incinerate (I must say I really like the progression between Fault and it, too).
  14. Monochrome
    by tiasu
    Monochrome Monochrome
  15. The Fallen
    by tiasu
    The Fallen The Fallen
  16. FlashBack 1986
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
    The Taste of Glory The Taste of Glory
    I wasn't even born in 1986, but I'm real glad I discovered outrun/synthwave music, thanks to Sellorekt/LA Dreams here.

    I had the hardest time picking just two albums (if I had 200 CAD to blow on music I'd just plain get the whole discography), but this one is definitely well-balanced. There's a bit of everything on it, so you can get the aural equivalent of relaxing with cocktails in between a ridiculous car chase in DeLoreans and an uplifting martial arts training montage or something.
  17. Amped
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
    Magic City Magic City
  18. Every Song!
    by Walt Ribeiro
    Peter Bjorn And John 'Young Folks' Peter Bjorn And John 'Young Folks'
    If feel Walt's reorchestrations (or straight up orchestrations?) really shine the most for me on the silliest, most upbeat tunes. Somehow, he turned songs like "What's Going On" or "Young Folks" into real gems for me.

    When people make orchestral versions of stuff, they often try to make it more grandiose, more serious, whereas I feel a real sense of fun from Walt – from the songs he picks to the way he covers them.
  19. The 2¢ Show
    by Steam Powered Giraffe
    Honeybee Honeybee
    I tend to listen mostly to high octane stuff like power metal and techno, but I discovered SPG from Honeybee and I've ever had a soft spot for it.
  20. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
    by Homestuck
    Fuchsia Ruler Fuchsia Ruler