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  1. Ideas
    by TheLinusHaze
  2. Caffeine Driven Heart
    by Glenn Kneebone
    Snappy start drives into a classic Aussie sound. Plus...caffeine...yum
  3. So Ferocious
    by Carsie Blanton
    Hot Night Hot Night
    Great tunes, great lyrics, groove along.
  4. Buck Up
    by Carsie Blanton
    American Kid American Kid
    was excited to discover Carsie's joyous exuberant wise tracks. She has things to say, and says them while making you bop along. She is a warrior
  5. Love-Lore
    by Deerhoof
  6. On Anon and On and On
    by Glenn Kneebone
    Anthem for the hQax anon age.
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  7. The Whitey Album
    by Ciccone Youth (Sonic Youth)
    Addicted to Love Addicted to Love
    Had this on vinyl back in the 90's. Lost it to a friend who insisted that it was his when I had lent it to him. Great to have it now digitally at least.
  8. Les chansons des autres
    by MOTO & Bandit Voyage
    Mon papa à moi est un gangster Mon papa à moi est un gangster
    Google translate says these are covers of french folk songs. Twee french pop...bien
  9. Shore
    by Fleet Foxes
    A Long Way Past The Past A Long Way Past The Past
    pastoral harmonies of course. Takes you to a green field somewhere with butterflies and NO covid
  10. Free Extras #2
    by The Tiger & Me
  11. Bring Your Heartbeat Down (single)
    by The Tiger & Me
    the tiger and me deliver yet another beautiful lyrical song of swooping harmonies and melody. it feels a little "newer" with a few lofi glitches thrown in and some snappy sparse drumming. love it
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  12. The Best of their Early Year
    by Mos Eisley Spaceport
    Further When I'm Far Further When I'm Far
    The artwork for a start, but also the good times fuzz and honkytonkbluespsych70 vibe
  13. a ratbags guide to conquering the modern world EP
    Local kids done good. Teenage rage is good for the world, keeps the oldies honest
  14. Heart That's Pounding
    by Sally Seltmann
  15. Masterpiece
    by Big Thief
  16. Holy Ground: NYC Live with the Wordless Music Orchestra
    by MONO
  17. Unity
    by Gordon Koang
    Stand Up (Clap Your Hands) Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)
    wonderful African grooves
  18. Vicious Nonbeliever
    by Mal Devisa
    Vicious Nonbeliver ft. Gods Wisdom Vicious Nonbeliver ft. Gods Wisdom
    Mal Devisa is so great. look up her cool calm live stuff on YouTube if you need further proof.
  19. ANIMAL WISDOM soundtrack and live requiem
    by Heather Christian and the Animal Wisdom Cast
    grabbed this on a Bandcamp 100% to performer Friday.
    not her usual stuff but still distinctly her. would love to have seen this live.
  20. Keep The Dream Alive
    by Susil Sharma