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Chester Hitz

  1. Santa Cruz, California
  2. Electronic
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  1. Cardinal
    by Pinegrove
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    New Friends New Friends
    this album carries the emotional weight of a fully loaded freight train.
  2. Light Upon The Lake
    by Whitney
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    No Woman No Woman
    Don't worry about a summer 2016 playlist - this is your summer 2016 playlist.
  3. Anti-Fun EP
    by THERM
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    Tiny Tiny
  4. Swoon
    by Surf Club
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    That drum machine don't quit, and neither does that melody. Great stuff.
  5. Do You Like Me?
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    it took a long time it took a long time
    Between the excellent songwriting and guitar hooks, this is an underrated collection of depressive but uplifting jams that encapsulate so many of the many feels all we young people have.
  6. Album
    by The Sun Days
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    Don't Need to Be Them Don't Need to Be Them
  7. Thirstin' b/w Atmosphère
    by Jack J
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    Thirstin' Thirstin'
  8. you have been keeping
    by falls
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    surfaced surfaced
  9. kept / akara
    by falls
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    kept kept
  10. we lift it from us
    by falls
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    details in waking details in waking
  11. short fields 1, 2, and 3
    by falls
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    2, 2,
    BoC knock-offs are a dime a dozen, but a few are worth a dozen dimes. This EP's ability to capture that hazy nostalgia in a seemingly fresh way makes it one of them.
  12. Creature Of Nature EP
    by Outer Spaces
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    Roy Roy
    At about 2:06 on Roy, there's a few lines that totally transcend the sum of their parts and hit that exact feeling of youthful and anxious freedom that just knocked me over the first time I heard it. All the other songs are excellent as well, but that part, damn.