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  1. Distant Vistas
    by Deli Kuvveti
  2. New Age Phenomenon
    by Filalete
  3. The Chemical Attraction
    by Rene Lorenzo
  4. Timewave•Zero
    by AZ•RA
  5. Siren
    by Aria Rostami
  6. Fold
    by Andrew Heath
  7. Ornaments of Decay
    by Wil Bolton
  8. Like Floating Leaves
    by Wil Bolton
  9. Södermalm In Autumn
    by Wil Bolton
  10. Red to Orange, Blue to Black
    by Wil Bolton
  11. Speed Harness
    by Galaxy Drop | Iboga Records
    by 内なるGAZER
  13. Hypnagogic Explorations IV: Wandering Mind
    by Bzaurie
    Thanks for listening/experiencing, and if this has piqued your interest, also try my other hypnagogic explorations. This is the 4th installment and the other installments are available on their respective labels. they each have a mood and position in guidance to hypnagogia, but also know that reaching this state and coming back from it with recollections requires a special skill that needs some practice. hopefully to those interested my works may help.
  14. Meander
    by Dynastor & Innesti
  15. On a Map of Sound
    by Soft Generator
  16. defragmentation _A_á
    by Sascha Rosemarie Höfer & Andreas Usenbenz
  17. Kouskediñ
    by Toàn
  18. Entangled Everything
    by Globular
  19. Holobiont
    by Globular
  20. The Context [CD4]
    by Globular