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  1. Psalms Of The Moribund
    by Defeated Sanity
  2. Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata
    by Defeated Sanity
  3. Idol
    by Horrendous
  4. Perdition Of The Sublime
    by Sophicide
  5. Chapters of Repugnance (Deluxe Reissue)
    by Defeated Sanity
  6. Sewer Dynasty (Physical Copies Are Sold Out!)
    by Algetic
  7. Within A World Forgotten
  8. A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
    by Djam Karet
  9. Kozfest Live 2018
    by Nodens Ictus
    I am halfway through now; it is great to hear some live tunes from NI, especially some older Ozrics songs.

    There seems to be a mistake in the track listing though. The third song is not Oolong Oolong, but part of Yumyum tree.
  10. Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    by Adversarial
  11. Stay Awake
    by Mike Scheidt
  12. cosmic ground
    by Cosmic Ground
  13. cosmic ground 2
    by Cosmic Ground
  14. cosmic ground III
    by Cosmic Ground
  15. Words Mean Nothing
    by Soundtrap
  16. Back To The Center
    by Spiralmaze
  17. Dunes Of Dorlmeus
    by Spiralmaze
  18. II
    by Weedpecker
  19. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
  20. --
    by Grave Upheaval
  21. Constellation Automation
    by Keepers Brew
  22. Surfin the Scratchness
    by gracerooms
  23. Ambient Sleeping Pill 3
    by Various Artists
  24. I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity
    by My Brother The Wind
  25. Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet
    by My Brother The Wind
  26. See the World Given to a One Love Entity
    by Guardian Alien
  27. GUARDIAN ALIEN (2011)
    by Guardian Alien
  28. Endinghent
  29. Kalutaliksuak "Snow Melts Black"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
  30. Kalutaliksuak "Death of the Alpinist"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
  31. The Cozmic Key
    by Nodens Ictus
  32. EOXXV
    by electric orange
  33. Ambient Sleeping Pill 4
    by Various Artists
  34. Blight Upon Martyred Sentience
  35. Constellation Automation
    by Keepers Brew
  36. Nihl
  37. Errata
    by Convulsing
  38. Triptonus
    by Triptonus
  39. The Graveless Remains
    by DISMA
  40. Superior Venus
    by BLOWN OUT
  41. Self-Titled EP
    by Negativa
  42. Iniquitous
  43. Hung by the Eyesockets
  44. Reduced to Sludge
    by FUNERUS
  45. II
    by Sun of Man