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  1. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
    better than that better than that
  2. Overcome Part 1
    by Hot Blood
    Blood on My Hands Blood on My Hands
  3. USA Hardcore
    by Freedom
    Military Issue Military Issue
  4. Pay the Price
    by Freedom
    Freedom Freedom
  5. Face Aggression
    by Break Away
    New Goals New Goals
    Hard hitting, breakdown oriented Straight Edge hardcore. Good stuff.
  6. Autonomy
    by Perspective, a lovely hand to hold
    Good Mourning Good Mourning
    Fantastic, well written and incredibly personal music and lyrics. Great album.
  7. How Not To Cut A Buffalo
    by The Broken Broadcast
    This Is My Wilderness This Is My Wilderness
  8. Rogue Taxidermy
    by Days N' Daze
    Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture
  9. En Fuego
    by Hey, Joni
    Venus Fly Trap Venus Fly Trap
    If Sunny Day Real Estate and Snowing had a baby, they would call it Hey, Joni. If you like Emo, do yourself a favor and listen to these guys.
  10. Use the Sun
    by Use the Sun
    Empty Empty
    I love this EP. It really shows the potential these guys have as musicians and songwriters. I look forward to new material.
  11. Burn The Earth Leave It Behind
    by Wingnut Dishwasher's Union
    Fuck Shit Up! Fuck Shit Up!
    Pat has had an awesome progression throughout his work, and his early work really shows the intense anger he felt at just about everything. It's aggressive, it's anarchist and it's awesome
  12. oceanographer #15
    by gorgeous☵gorgias
    descend! descend!! descend! descend!!
    Oceangrunge! One of the youngest genres alive, and one of my favorites. This album is an absolute masterpiece! It's ambient, happy and some points, crushing at others, and it tells a story through music alone. A great piece, and a must have for fans of ambient, drone, and oceangrunge.
  13. ウィズウォーズの伝説
    by Wizwars
    Requiem For A Broken Heart Requiem For A Broken Heart
    It's got all of the best Wizwars stuff from the past few years.
  14. Dancing With The Tsars
    by godinpants
    Dancing With The Tsars Dancing With The Tsars
    Punky chipthrash.
  15. GameROY
    by A versus B
    Stife Breaks Stife Breaks
    Glitchy and percussive chipthrash. I reccomend this album to fans of Wizwars and Shitbird.
  16. Chasm of No Return
    by Xenomorphic Contamination
    Biomechanical Retaliation Biomechanical Retaliation
    Fantastic and groovy Slam Death Metal with an awesome album cover and Aliens (the film) lyrical themes. Even opens to the sound of a pulse rifle from the films.
  17. Straight Out The Coffin
    by Bit Mummy
    0-1 Straight Out The Coffin 0-1 Straight Out The Coffin
    Mixes and matches chipthrash, chip-punk, chip-hop and chip metal, and does it fantastically, with great distorted guitars the whole way through.
  18. Riley Rust... The Diary
    by Optimus Chad
    Brightest Eyes Brightest Eyes
    Great thrash metal style chiptunes, manages to tell an interesting story as well.
  19. Welcome To Thrash City
    by Wizwars
    Thrash City Thrash City
    Sweet, violent and energetic chipthrash.