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  1. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Weightlessness Weightlessness
  2. Lake of fire
    by The Black Wizards
    Pain Pain
  3. On Through Portals
    by Disenchanter
    Journey To Abydos - Moon Maid Journey To Abydos - Moon Maid
  4. Back To Earth
    by Disenchanter
    Back To Earth Back To Earth
  5. Single Hitters Vol. 1
    by Monolith
    Alkaline Alkaline
    This Single Hitter and the 3rd one are the best of their collection, the music is always catchy and brutal at the same time. Thick doom vibes will make you bang your head for sure !
  6. Into the Acid Swamp
    by Weedruid
    Zompire Zompire
    Thick bass, powerfull doom, fuzzy riffs. This album is dope ! Reminds me of Bongzilla !
  7. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Odyssey Odyssey
    What a deep, ambient, amazing album this is !
    Really well worked, not to repetitive, they really nailed the "space" touch.
    It's never boring, always entertaining.
  8. All the Ghosts I Know
    by The Sonic Dawn
    Pretty good jazzy-psych band with good vocals. Riffs are well worked and give an 60-70's old-school impression.
  9. Solar Corona
    by The Machine
    Moons of Neptune Moons of Neptune
    Got this beauty from a friend ! The machine has become one of the classic psychedelic band that you must hear over and over again. The drums are very well measured and rhythmic from the beginning til the end. There is definitely a lot of Colour haze coming up from the guitar.
  10. The Re-Stoned "Analog"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Dream of Vodyanoy Dream of Vodyanoy
    Well The Re-Stoned is a classic in the world of psych fuzzy rock. They are so perfect and unique. The guitar sounds, the ryhtm changing constantly, the fat bass. I love everything in it !
  11. Buru Haze
    by Kanoi
    A New Beginning And The Sprawling Sky A New Beginning And The Sprawling Sky
    Slow and very soft music to cool down after a hard day. The vocals are very deep and slow which creates an atmosphere full of placidity.
  12. Blue Sky, Sunshine EP
    by Kanoi
    Mountains Of The Sun Mountains Of The Sun
    Kanoi has the good approach of soft chilly music but still being deep enough to be called psych. The vocals are going to make you feel in a peacefull world.
  13. Empress Rising
    by Monolord
    Harbinger of death Harbinger of death
    This. album. is. heavy. as. fuck.
  14. Paper Squares
    by Druid
    Paper Squares Paper Squares
    Less soft psych than their self-titled. More heavy and groovy sounds in this one, the vocals fit very good with the heavy guitar !
  15. Druid
    by Druid
    Mount Sinjar / Evil Sands Mount Sinjar / Evil Sands
    Very very good psychedelic rock. This album has the perfect length and perfect guitar sound for being called psych but not too deep/high either.
    It's worth the price !
  16. Poisoned Altars
    by Lord Dying
    A Wound Outside of Time A Wound Outside of Time
  17. Marijuana
    by Dope Smoker
    Legalise It Legalise It
    This album is the definition of stoner rock. It's name is marijuana, the band's name is dope smoker and look at the cover. But moreover the riffs are fuzzy and a bit muffled, the sweet vocals in the background create a certain ambiance. Of course you can bang your head on it but don't forget the bong !
  18. Burning Circles In the Sky
    by The Myrrors
    Warpainting Warpainting
    One of the best exemple of soft psychedelic. With less acid and more ambiant rock then other psych songs. They have a perfect sense of how the rythm of psych should sound like : nor too slow and boring neither too fast and unrelaxing.
  19. Claimed By The Cloner
    by Mother Mars
    The Cloner (Full Version) The Cloner (Full Version)
    Good old' bluesy rock on this one ! Sweet original sounds that fits with the soft voice of the vocalist. Enough distorsion on the guitar to call them fuzz or even psych rock !
  20. Sweeden
    by Salem's Pot
    Part 1 Part 1
    This album has to become a classic in the world of psych doom metal. It's a perfect 2-songs album with an incredible atmosphere : the riffs will carry you into the deepest space. The repetition of the same guitar riffs are making the song heavier throughout the whole album...
  21. Morning Light
    Black Woman Black Woman
    The riffs, the vocals, the sweet drumms and the ambiance are really fitting perfectly on this one. The smooth riffs mixed with the tense vocals are stirring !
    MAMMOTHWING created an album which mixed blues and stoner with fuzzy and sometimes psych vibes.
  22. Magick Rites
    by Dopelord
    Rise! Undying! Rise! Undying!
    This albums delivers you fat thick vibes with a nice doom athmospheric rythm. Best dopelord album in my opinion !
  23. Another Way to Fly
    by Silent Monolith
    Feel Like I'm Dying Feel Like I'm Dying
    This record will give you powerfull stoner vibes with perfect clean vocals and good lyrics too. Very difficult to stay still while listening to this album ! I recommend it to anyone, it's worth every cent !
  24. love is only moments away
    by turquoise colored french tourists
    track called booty track called booty
    Coronation Coronation
    Perfect ambient psych coming from Portugal. Just discovered them, lots of awesome sounds creating a great album that knows how to create it's own way of psychedelic. One of my favorite psych band with monomyth and electric moon !
  26. Drown
    by Judd Madden
    Blackout Blackout
    Huge dope drone. This album will make you feel like you're drowning in the deepest ocean. The artist mix drone up with heavy ass doom to bring you someting you never had before. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to bang his head heavily !
  27. Order Of The Occult
    by The Crimson Trip
    Kaleidoscopic Landscapes Kaleidoscopic Landscapes
    Very good exemple of a psych rock album that leads to the creation of an incredible atmosphere after few minutes of listening. Everything is soft : the vocals are smooth, the rythm of the drums fits with the sweet sound of the guitar. Ultimately, the cover is perfect.
  28. Super Van Vacation
    by 1000mods
    Vidage Vidage
    Desert Stoner Rock as its finest ! Very rhythmic, full of power whitout beeing heavy. I like how the vocals and the sharp guitar noise are fitting well together. Not revolutionary in the genre but you'll aprieciate it without difficulties.
  29. Thousand Sons Of Sleep
    by Godsleep
    Home Home
    This album will sneak into your body and make you feel like you are in harmony with everything that surrounds you. You'll not only love the vibes, the fuzz and the bass in this album, you'll feel them. They achieved making a well worked contrast between soft vocals/guitar riffs and good headbanging parts !
  30. Single Hitters, Vol. 2
    by Monolith
    Coldbringer Coldbringer
    It's blackened doom, it's not a long EP and it has sick fuzzed ioffs wich will make you angry.
    It's distinction with other doom bands is that the rythm alternates between slow and swift but keeps beeing heavy. Come on and try not to bang your head on Coldbringer !
  31. One Collapsed at the Altar
    by Dorre
    One Collapsed at the Altar One Collapsed at the Altar
    Really good athmospheric doom album, you can feel the right quantity of psych and darkkness mixed up in a 30 min long song. Dorre dares to to make the step through the 20-30 min and achieve by it the establishement of soft violence.
  32. Aava tuulen maa
    by KAUAN
    Valveuni Valveuni
    This album will make you fly in an desperate atmosphere filled with sorrow and emptiness. The countless different instruments used for these songs will create a mix between atmospheric, melancholic black and bluesy metal.
  33. Lifewoven
    by Dreadnought
    Utopia Utopia
    Nice progessive black metal, really nice cover. Love how they mix up soft/chill rhythmical music with more darkened vocals !

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