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  1. The Blind Hole
    by Dead In The Dirt
    The Blaring Eye The Blaring Eye
  2. All Empires Fall
    by Tombs
    Deceiver Deceiver
    All Empires Fall is great for none of the reasons I initially got into Tombs. Gone are the eerie, droning doom ridden guitars over washed out pseudo lo-fi drums that made up Path of Totality. All Empires Fall embraces the trajectory away from post rock set by Savage Gold and that's totally fine.

    This EP amplifies the blackened subtleties that were present in Tombs from the start. Deceiver is a straightforward black n roll ripper while 'V' wears the cloak of symphonic, melodic black metal with vocals akin to Celtic Frost and Type O Negative. Ultimately, this is a solid release, just not a release that feels like Tombs to me.
  3. Nice Teeth Whore
    by Lord Mantis
    Semblances Semblances
    NTW draws more from Pervertor than it does the more tinny and industrial Death Mask, opting for a more aggressive and blackened atmosphere. This EP hits hard and fast, ending much sooner than I would have preferred, but that's the nature of an EP I suppose. While NTW doesn't offer up anything new or truly unique, it does act as a prelude for what should be a crushingly vile, more fleshed out Mantis LP in the hopefully near future.
  4. Ancient Burial Ground
    by Black Goat of the Woods
    Curse of the Black Goat Curse of the Black Goat
  5. Tired Army
    by Tired Army
    At Iron Mountain At Iron Mountain
  6. Futility+Untitled
    by Primitive Man
    Futility Futility
  7. Body Collaborations
    by The Body & Thou
    Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity
  8. Never Trust A Cop
    by Fistula
    Never Trust A Cop Never Trust A Cop
  9. Scorn
    by Primitive Man
    Antietam Antietam
    One of the few bands that is actually heavier due to lacking a second guitarist. The dissonant, ghastly guitar leads over a rhythm section consisting of just a bass that surely must have gotten it's tone through possession from Choronzon or some creature of the nether makes for uniquely heavy parts.

    This album doesn't rely on layers of power chords to achieve it's heaviness, in fact, it surpasses the standard of heaviness with minimalism and open space.
  10. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
    by Primitive Man
    Loathe Loathe
    What everyone else said: bleak, depressive, hopeless, unrelenting, misanthropic... but those are just words... words that attempt to represent the void that is this album but are swallowed into the abyss along with everything else of light and humanity. Home Is Where The Hatred Is is the sound of everything optimistic dying, the sound of the veil falling and the realization that we all are (and will die) alone.
  11. Sewer Disease
    by IRN
    Sewers Sewers
    Sounds just as the album title would suggest. And I like the sound of disease so when it's of the sewer variety you better believe I'm gonna love it.

    Raw, dissonant sludge/doom with interesting song structures full of explosive surprises (not diarrhea) of chaotic blasts and tempo shifts. Packaged with a warm, fuzzy analog production.

  12. Another Language
    by This Will Destroy You
    New Topia New Topia
  13. Ignorant Weapon
    by Fistula
    Wood Glue Wood Glue
  14. Vermin Prolificus
    by Fistula
    Harmful Situation Harmful Situation
    Nihilistic, drug filled smut. It's glorious.
  15. Heathen
    by Thou
    Free Will Free Will
    You had me at "blackened bones of gods."
  16. Tocsin
    Tocsin Tocsin
    Huge, thick, melancholic and beautiful.

    YONL are masters of repetition; expertly expanding on a single riff
    until it swells into a wall of sound that would break your speakers, and give house cats seizures if it got any bigger.
  17. Cough - Athame
    by Cough
  18. Self Titled EP
    by Black Goat of the Woods
    Opening the Bloodstained Gates Opening the Bloodstained Gates
  19. All Is Sorrow
    by Catapult The Dead
    All Is Sorrow All Is Sorrow