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  1. Well of Despair
    by Skeletonwitch
  2. Heavy Meal
    by Pastors of Muppets
  3. E.P.
    by The Earls of Mars
  4. Doomsayer
    by Lowburn
  5. A Monster In Mourning
    by Gehtika
  6. Ashes of Carnage
    by Warcrab
  7. Welcome to the Family
    by Buzzard King
  8. Death Be Thy Shepherd
    by Reign of Fury
  9. Face of the Void EP
    by Warbear
  10. Demons
    by Extreme O.D.
  11. HeadBrassBangers !!
    by Pastors of Muppets
  12. Pastors of Muppets
    by Pastors of Muppets
  13. Do-Over
    by Lich King
  14. Prosperous Visions
    by Primalfrost
  15. 2011 - The Quest Into The SteppingStoneAge (LP)
    by The Higher Craft
  16. Genital Mutilation in the Name of God
    by Carnivorous Forest
  17. 2013 - Pacificum (LP)
    by Ebonillumini
  18. The Impossible Question EP
    by Gehtika
  19. Split-7" w/ Lowburn & Church of Void
    by Lowburn, Church of Void
  20. Oathbreaker
    by Hoth
  21. Soaring High EP
    by Lowburn
  22. All Life Long (digi-single)
    by Lowburn
  23. 'Roads' EP
    by The Bastard Sons
  24. Sleeping With Evil
    by Vindicator
  25. Blood On Snow
    by Eastern Front
  26. Hardrada's Fall
    by Ravenage