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  1. Ancient steam
    by AGLAIA
  2. Spirits of Rhea
    by Phelios
  3. Conference Of Morning Birds At The Happiness Research Center
    by Music For Sleep
  4. The Alchemist’s Muse
    by Andrew Heath
  5. Apperception
    by Innesti
  6. Fugløya
    by Havdis
    by Steve Roach Exclusive
    subscriber exclusive
  8. Novemberlys
    by Havdis
    Clearly a Havdis-winterscape.. Beautiful, somewhat darker atmosphere, just love it! This one was on repeat earlier, and now that it’s here on Bandcamp it’s even better so these warm soundscapes will be on my inears again and again.. Thank you Gterma!
  9. Nightbreeze
    by Havdis
    Another masterpiece by Havdis (you hàve to ‘havdis’!!!... sorry couldn’t get that one off my mind..). And if you’d ask me to pick a favorite work by this amazing artist, I couldn’t do it. I think all Havdis’ albums are masterpieces and therefore one by one must-haves. If you order the CD-versions you will get the stunning artwork by Gterma’s mr.Rehn, and that alone is worth ordering the CD’s! In my opinion Havdis also succeeds in finding a signature style and sound, which is tru
  10. The Hidden Islands
    by Havdis
    Yesss!, the amazing Havdis finally on Bandcamp, now that the great ambient-label Gterma is here as well! When I discovered the Gterma-label (around the end of 2015, while scrolling around on the Databloem-website), I was hooked. Alongside the albums by drone-king Mathias Grassow, and master of suspension-ambient Seetyca, my focus was also on the rather unknown, best-kept-secret Havdis.. Havdis deserves so much more attention! This is utterly amazing and relaxing drone-ambient! Check NOW!
  11. All The Time
    by Csillagköd
  12. Eclipse
    by Frore & Shane Morris
  13. Convergence
    by Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns
  14. Reiyā
    by Pepo Galán, Shinji Wakasa & Warmth
  15. Passages
    by Chonotope Project
  16. Isolation (name-your-price)
    by The Adelaidean
  17. Vine, Bark & Spore - Roach - Reyes
    by Steve Roach
  18. Pure Flow
    by Steve Roach
  19. Shortwave Ruins
    by Mount Shrine
  20. Metta
    by Dronny Darko & ProtoU