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  1. Dead Cross
    by Dead Cross
    Seizure and Desist Seizure and Desist
    by Secret Chiefs 3
    Love the cover, love the songs, love the ability to support this band on their way to making more music.
  3. Symphony of Sirens
    by Baku
    Though a recreation, I imagine this track captures the immensity of the original symphony from 1922. Guns, planes, trains, whistles, horns, sirens, cannons, choirs...a massive undertaking of planning and coordination. Incredible. It's been almost 100 years, where did all the adventuresome musicians go?
  4. Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix) Remixed by JG Thirwell
    by Faith No More
    Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix) Remixed by JG Thirwell Motherfucker (Calcitonin Mix) Remixed by JG Thirwell
    Pretty fun remix...I hope the other 2 remixes get the digital bandcamp treatment as well. I love the vinyl copies, but also like to listen to them on the go.
  5. UR: Telstar / The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)
    by Secret Chiefs 3
    The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique) The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)
  6. You'll Never Make The Six
    by Indoria
    Ode From The Road Ode From The Road
    Really excited about this collaboration. Bella Donna is another Mosley track impossible to pin down to any time period. But with the cute beginning and the great harmony, I have to give best track to Ode From The Road.
  7. Ba Power
    by Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba
    Siran Fen Siran Fen
    Great jams, great emotion.
  8. The Sun Is A Perfection That Blinds Us All
    by Holographic Human Element
    She Got Lost In Paris (Bill Gould Remix) She Got Lost In Paris (Bill Gould Remix)
    I'm sorry I'm just now hearing this...this whole EP is really great work (music and production)!
  9. Happy Machine
    by Dubioza kolektiv
    Hay Libertad Hay Libertad
    Seamlessly shifting from their native Balkan, to English, and then to Spanish. Excellent in any language.
    by The Mars Volta
    Blackhead (Bonus Track) Blackhead (Bonus Track)
    Sorry TMV fans, I came here for Le Butcherettes! So glad this track was available! But that Antemasque song is also a great one from their album and I really like Concertina.
  11. Sólo Soy Pueblo (Llanto)
    by Le Butcherettes
    Eerie and beautiful.
  12. Kiss & Kill
    by Le Butcherettes
    For Your Bleeding For Your Bleeding
    This sounds like the beginnings of a great band...because it is. So glad it is available here.
  13. hard rock tune, untimely death of a loved one
    by chuck mosley
    Easily the best hard rock tune I've heard in years. If I paid by the listen, I'd be broke. Really great job on this cover photo too!
  14. ericalution(demo)
    by chuck mosley and vua
    Different and classic at the same has such a good flow and excellent guitar work. The whole band sounds great, and Chuck is the master of a style all his own.
  15. What I Feel (single)
    by Indoria featuring Chuck Mosley
    What I Feel What I Feel
    A great and unpredictable pop song that really soars. Give it a few listens and it will totally grab you.
  16. Zvara/Karakolia EP
    by VIC
    Karakolia Karakolia
    Progressive rock Greek style...I combed Greece when I was there looking for a good band to latch on too, but I was there a few years too early!
  17. riza
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Echoes Echoes
    Interestingly this band uses a name used previously by Pink Floyd...I see a lot of similarities (in a good way). Love the guest vocalists on this album, they add a lot to their tracks.
  18. Fugly
    by Bill Gould & Espen J. Jörgensen
    Fugly Fugly
    I've listened to this so many times over the last few years, so fun and different.
  19. will rap over hard rock for food
    by chuck mosley
    Nameless (feat. Leah Lou) Nameless (feat. Leah Lou)
    So hard to pick a favorite track on this album...all excellent songs. This album is timeless in the sense that it could have come out at any point in the last 25 years, very hard to pin down due to various styles and production sounds. Excellent song-writing and vocal work by Mosley. The best work by any member (past or present) of FNM outside of the band.