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  1. Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic
    by Ghost
  2. L'autrichienne
    by Jucifer
  3. Cut-Ups
    by Leah Callahan
    Diabolique Diabolique
  4. Operation: Sand / Empty There
    by Karate
    Operation: Sand Operation: Sand
  5. 595
    by Karate
    Sever Sever
    Wish I had a chance to see them live, but this is the next best thing. Great live sound and a high quality recording.
  6. Cherry Coke b/w The Schwinn
    by Karate
    Cherry Coke Cherry Coke
  7. Cancel / Sing
    by Karate
    Sing Sing
  8. Death Kit EP
    by Karate
    Nerve Nerve
    Been listening to Karate since I heard "Bad Tattoo" on a CMJ sampler. Glad to have the chance to get these other singles I never even knew about before!
  9. Short Stories
    by Leah Callahan
    Night at the Cooler Night at the Cooler
    Very happy to be hearing new material!
  10. Simple Folk
    by Leah Callahan
    Those Were the Days Those Were the Days
    I've been a fan ever since I heard "Spin", and each new release, however they may differ, is tied to the others by her compelling vocal style. "Simple Folk" seems a perfect midpoint of sorts between "Even Sleepers" and her Glass Set work.
  11. Pinky Pinky EP
    by Pinky Pinky
    Spiders Spiders
  12. Hot Tears
    by Pinky Pinky
    Dander Dander
  13. Lucknow Demos (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
    The Dragon (Lucknow Acoustic) The Dragon (Lucknow Acoustic)
  14. the lilas (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
  15. The Chemist Said It Would Be Alright But I've Never Been The Same (EP)
    by Lauren Hoffman
    Termite Termite
  16. Weeds
    by Melissa DiNicola
    Vantage Point Vantage Point
  17. Turkey Dinner
    by Pinky Pinky
    All The Birds All The Birds
  18. Lucky 13 b/w Seahorse
    by Betwixt
    Lucky 13 Lucky 13
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. The Salty Tang
    by Betwixt
    Sound of America Sound of America
  20. Find Me Out
    by Spanking Charlene
    Burn it down Burn it down