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  1. Heavy Empty
    by Gerko
    Heavy Empty Heavy Empty
    OMG, new Gerko tunes! Thank you. Yes he killed me in nuclear winter. I was trying to rez my teammate when it happened I swear.
  2. Potato Hate Explosion's Hauntworthy Halloween Bash III
    by Potato Hate Explosion
    Count Spudula Count Spudula
    A spooky treat of an album for the season. Very cool.
  3. Maggot Bath/Subhuman Hordes Split
    by Subhuman Hordes
    Doraemon Doraemon
  4. Blind Worm Cycle
    by CellRot
    Here and now Here and now
  5. His thoughts
    by My Darkest Time
  6. Queen of Risk
    by Amelia Arsenic
  7. Lichtblicke EP
    by Ms Def
  8. Mag-D - The Godmother EP
    by Mag-D
    Nicht mehr als ein Witz Nicht mehr als ein Witz
    Pretty sweet beats.
  9. Glittergrind
    by Potato Hate Explosion
    Bad Witch Bad Witch
  10. I
    by Pater familias
  11. WEEP
    by American Standards
    I really like this band. They are pretty consistently awesome in my mind.
  12. Tale of Fire
    by Aether
    Last Battle Last Battle
    I like the melodic parts with the chick singing. Almost sounds a little black metalish.
    Rain Grey, Dark Sky Rain Grey, Dark Sky
    I like songs about rain. Whoever wrote these lyrics I like their poetry a lot.
  14. Crush The Parasites EP
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
    Goblet Of Death Goblet Of Death
    Break the conditioning :)
    by King Witch
    Shoulders Of Giants Shoulders Of Giants
    This band really belts it out. Some really cool songs.
  16. Geist
    by Jac Beth
    Moonchild Moonchild
    It's alright. She needs some actual music to sing along to. Maybe she wouldn't try to do weird things with her voice so much.
  17. For Nothing is my Own
    by The Proprietor
  18. FREE DOWNLOAD This Ain't No Mating Dance
    by The Lucid Furs
  19. From Nowhere and Worthless
    by The Proprietor
    Atrophied Earth Atrophied Earth
  20. Nemesis
    Skulls In The Stars Skulls In The Stars