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  1. Oak Sessions
    by Odjbox
  2. Kiss The Television
    by Shoos Off
  3. Peoplewatching
    by Socalled
  4. Croyez-moi ça fait mal!
    by La descente du coude
  5. The Sayings of the Seers
    by Valley of the Sun
  6. Blue Book
    by Tor
  7. Lilac Chaser
    by Nym
  8. Shark Tank
    by Marty O'Reilly
  9. Preach 'Em Now!
    by Marty O'Reilly
  10. Before the Dawn
    by Robert J. Hunter
  11. Baralku
    by emancipator
    Goodness Goodness
    emancipator has become one of my references for that autumn/winter vibe.
  12. State
  13. Dancing out the Door
    by TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb
  14. Fabric
    by The Black Seeds
  15. New Magic
    by Son Little
    O Me O My O Me O My
    Son Little is groove at its best!
  16. Avalon
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
    Severed Soul Severed Soul
    I wouldn't have hoped for such a beautiful reprise of Severed Soul. It builds on the original and creates a poignant track that is worth the purchase of the album alone.
  17. Mr. Lemons
    by Glen Phillips
  18. Life playing tricks EP
    by ProleteR
  19. Jelly Deals
    by Smerin's Anti-Social Club
  20. Silver Ladder
    by Peter Mulvey
    Lies You Forgot You Told Lies You Forgot You Told
  21. Bashed Out
    by This Is The Kit
    Misunderstanding Misunderstanding
  22. Rise
    by Shayna Steele
    Gone Under Gone Under
  23. The Light Came Down
    by Josh Garrels
    Gloria Gloria
    there's no way I'm listening to a Christmas album... unless of course it's by Josh Garrels!
  24. If I don't come home you'll know I'm gone.
    by The Wooden Sky
    Angels Angels
  25. Your Good Fortune
    by Mavis Staples
    Your Good Fortune Your Good Fortune
    produced by Son Little. word.
  26. Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?
    by Lisa LeBlanc
    City Slickers and Country Boys City Slickers and Country Boys
    she does it again!
  27. Smooth Operator
    by Nick Waterhouse
    oh this is so, so smooth! great cover!!!
  28. Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven
    by campdogzz
    The Well The Well
    difficult to describe, yet easy to enjoy.
  29. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
    Landfill Landfill
  30. Constellation
  31. Try Again
    by The Name & Kyan Khojandi
    "Bref" was an amazing French web series. this track contributed to making one of the episodes stand out.
  32. JOY
    by Paper Aeroplanes
  33. Given Name
    Follow Me Follow Me
    americana/folk done right.
  34. Mother, Father
  35. To the Horizon, Sir
    by Iain Morrison
    Homeward Homeward
    oh this is smooth folk!
  36. Eas
    by Iain Morrison
  37. Letters Kept To Ourselves
    by The Native Sibling
  38. Animalia
    by Mammal Hands
    Snow Bough Snow Bough
    I don't often listen to jazz, but when I do it's often Mammal Hands.
  39. Floa
    by Mammal Hands
    Shift Shift
    I don't often listen to jazz, but when I do it's often Mammal Hands.
  40. Unlucky Seven
    by Glen Phillips
    Revelator Revelator
    hauntingly captivating folk rock.
  41. In the Presence of the Kingdom
    by Logan Vath
    Every Town Every Town
    everything Logan composes and writes is spot on!
  42. Never Twice
    by Nick Waterhouse
    I Had Some Money (But I Spent It) I Had Some Money (But I Spent It)
    it's finally out, and it's awesome... as predicted!
    Sentimental Heart Sentimental Heart
    apparently, taking 4 years to release a second album is a great thing!!
  44. Mad John the Wise EP
    by Mad John the Wise
    My Dearest Crime My Dearest Crime
  45. Rois de Nous
    by La Bronze
    Rois de Nous Rois de Nous