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  1. DUCK
    by The Aristocrats
  2. Exogalactic
    by Xoth
  3. Betrayal
    by Necropanther
  4. Monumental - The Temple of Twilight
    by The Mist From The Mountains
  5. The Howling Silence
    by WARCRAB
    seriously great album. they'll always say it better than I can
  6. Drudge To The Thicket
    At first I was like 'tech death cool I like tech death', then the funky bass grabbed me, then I noticed how unbelievably good this is. It has bounce, it has groove, but it's not bouncy or groovy it's tech freakin' death. How are they so good at it????
  7. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
  8. Circulate
    by Omnivortex
  9. Perihelion
    by sungazer
    by sickOmania
  11. The Orb
    by GOROD
  12. ReFocus
    by Cynic-Alliance
  13. Shattering Reflection
    by Evil Invaders
  14. Voyage
    by Tanith
  15. Akróasis
    by Obscura
  16. Black Seeds of Vengeance
    by Nile
  17. Boing, We'll Do It Live!
    by The Aristocrats
  18. Eternal Blue
    by spiritbox
  19. Sky Void of Stars
    by Katatonia
  20. Ash in Realms of Stone Icons
    by Tómarúm