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  1. Brutality Around The World Vol. 3 "Benefit Sampler for The Ocean CleanUP"
    by 164 Beatdown Crew
  2. Red Before Black
    by Cannibal Corpse
  3. Reborn From Hatred
    by Carnivore Crusher
  4. Procreation
    by Exogenesis
  5. RLC
    by S A T U R N D U S T
  6. Death do us all
    by OF FIRE
  7. Seeming Salvation
    by Epitaph
    Chastity/Seeming Salvation Chastity/Seeming Salvation
    That guitar sound is the shit , for lovers of early Benediction and Therion
  8. assimilate
    by iNFeCTeD
  9. I Become Death
    by HEREZA
  10. Ice Grave
    by Spinebreaker
  11. Rotten Remains
    by Carnal Tomb
  12. O Agios Pethane
    by BLOOD
  13. Mordbrand - Hymns of The Rotten
  14. Torment
    by KAOTIK
    Cape torment Cape torment
    As soon as I heard the first 5 seconds of cape torment. I'm thinking Morgoth , with a dash of Obituary and Morkhimmel ... Sold
  15. Count the Dead
    by Abbath
  16. Ravens Krieg
  17. Brutal Decomposition
    by Izurus
    The bastard son of Nile and Decapitated ...
  18. Slaves Beyond Death
    by Black Breath
  19. Empathy for the Wicked
    by Ommadon
  20. Helsinki Savagery
    by Foreseen HKI
  21. Radioactive Noise
    by Radwall
    Graffiti Mausoleum Graffiti Mausoleum
    Love it!! , it's odd and refreshing but I can't pin a style to it , progressive I guess but it's all over the place like a mad woman's shit and that's why I like it
  22. Slipkore
    by In Core We Trust
  23. Howls From The Graveyard
    by Coffin Creep
  24. Desechos Humanos
    by Goregast
  25. Cosmic Devonian (EP) 2015
    by GROND
  26. Morbid Black Oath
  27. The Insurrection (EP)
    by Gutter Instinct
  28. Absolution
    by Khemmis
    The Bereaved The Bereaved
    This is why I love metal .. It's heavy , it's brutal , it's majestic , it's melodic , it's emotional .. It's everything a metal head needs ... I just love the vocals on the bereaved , I could have that track on repeat and be happy ., when it hits 5:46 that's the money shot
  29. Mogwai Highrise Massacre
    by Chained To The Dead
  30. Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse
    by Nachash
  31. Genesis: XX Years Of Chaos (2CD)
    by LOST SOUL
  32. Depth Of Despair
    by Ill Natured
  33. The Taste of Rust EP
    by UGF
  34. Into Everlasting Death
    by Eerie
  35. Contagion
    by Contagion
  36. Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
    by Various Artists
    Like the others have been saying name your price on this is insane ... $5.00 US = $6.66 Aus ... Was meant to be
  37. Is.Land
    by Time To Burn
  38. Condamné
    by Bind Torture Kill
    to me these guys are like Daggers from Belgium mixed with Pestilence and Meshuggah .. if you are a fan of any these bands you should find this interesting .. excellent riffs , mad drumming and sick vocals .. happy to have this in my collection
  39. Abandon All Dope
    by War Bong
  40. Saturndust
    by S A T U R N D U S T
    Hyperion Hyperion
    So goddam heavy !! Fav album of 2015 for me
  41. Cycle of the Werewolf
    Cemetary by Night Cemetary by Night
    Fans of Swedish death metal of the early 90's will be happy with this ... Entombed. Carnage and Dismember spring to mind ...
    Awesome guitar sound on this so crank it
  42. ...Of The Dead
    by Satyrasis
  43. Hallucinating in Resurrecture
    by Binah
  44. Cruel Discipline
    by BAT
  45. Third Bestial Mutilation
    Exploitation of Superiority Exploitation of Superiority
    Hard to pin describe these guys but bloody awesome springs to mind ...intense drumming one minute , mid pace the next , awesome fuzzy catchy riffs , kinda black metal meets portal , meets old kreator with vocals from early fear factory and a bit of terrorizer & Antaeus thrown in
    Just check out BRILLIANCE OF THUNDER.. ... please check it out people need to know about these guys!!