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  1. Scion AV Presents - Red Fang
    by Red Fang
  2. Only Ghosts (Deluxe Version)
    by Red Fang
  3. Screaming,Scorching Hell
    by Joe Thrasher
  4. Ripping Death b/w Riddle Of Steel
    by Zig Zags
  5. Fender Vibro Champ Amp & Spring Reverb Impulse Set
    by Flo Audio
  6. BBE Acoustimax + Sonic Maximizer IR Set
    by Flo Audio
  7. Mesa/Boogie Studio Pre Reverb & Eq
    by Flo Audio
  8. Vox Tonelab Desktop Impulse Set
    by Flo Audio
  9. Flo Audio x Vaporwave Verb
    by Flo Audio
  10. Halloween EP 2014
    by Early Man
  11. To Mars
    by Early Man
  12. You Fancy Me Mad
    by Early Man
  13. Better Living Through Levitation
    by Early Man
  14. Thank God You've Got the Answers for Us All
    by Early Man
  15. R.I.P. EP
    by Naked Giants
  16. Spoiled Identity Ep
    by Iron Reagan
    Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops
    If boredom were even a possibility with this band, the Ep here doesn't give you a split fuckin' second to get bored. NOT ONE.