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  1. Homecoming (featuring Jasmin Kaset)
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  2. No Rush
    by Matrixxman & Bauernfeind
    Motor 1 Motor 1
  3. Moirai
    by Delhia de France
  4. Nonfiction
    by The Burning Hell
  5. Human
    by Turtle
    Human Human
  6. The Combine
    by John Maus
  7. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
  8. Heart As A River feat Delhia de France
    by Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack
  9. Let It Go By
    by Fiora and Robot Koch
  10. The Time Between Us
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Jaye Jayle
  11. Sacred Ground
    by Howling
    X Machina X Machina
  12. Fixion
    by Trentemøller
    One Eye Open One Eye Open
  13. down with the fitness
    by ctn.
  14. XXYYXX
    by XXYYXX
  15. Memory Cassette - Call & Response EP
    by Memory Cassette
    Asleep At A Party Asleep At A Party
  16. Cryptic
    by SHADES
  17. Blue Book
    by Tor
  18. These Sunny Days
    by Devilish Dear
    This Isn't Happiness This Isn't Happiness
  19. Lost
    by Prayer
    Time Time
  20. Citizen Of Glass
    by Agnes Obel
    Familiar Familiar
  21. Cultural Bleeding
    by Kriistal Ann
    Antigone Antigone
  22. Զուգահեռներ
    by Cloistral
  23. Future Politics
    by Austra
    Angel In Your Eye Angel In Your Eye
  24. Olympia
    by Austra
    What We Done? What We Done?
  25. Feel It Break
    by Austra
  26. Afro·brain
    by Kaleidico
  27. MMXVII - Free HoM Compilation
    by House of Mythology
    How Long How Long
  28. Fall of the Yak Man
    by Teleplasmiste
  29. Off My Stoop w/ Zero Tep
    by Gangus & Zero Tep
  30. Land O' The Silver Birch EP
  31. Twice Me: Kalaboogie remixes
  32. neuromanti
    by sbwy
  33. sbwy
    by sbwy
  34. nonsense
    by sbwy
    rumors rumors
  35. Indecision
    by KA
  36. Doomsquad - Kalaboogie
    by Doomsquad
  37. Running From It
    by For Now
    Ready To Die Ready To Die
  38. Flowers
  39. Parklands
    by Hiatus
    Iran Air Iran Air
  40. Cliffs&caveS
    by BLVCK CEILING & △Sco△
    и даже пусть будут говорить тебе что все напрасно и зря и даже пусть будут говорить тебе что все напрасно и зря
  41. Some Heavy Ocean
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Haunted Houses Haunted Houses
  42. Arms I Know So Well
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  43. You're On My Mind
    by Au.Ra
  44. Colours (EP)
    by Turtle
  45. Girl (EP)
    by ISLAND