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  1. Incinerate
    by :Waijdan:
  2. Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar (2021 Remaster)
    by Chemlab
  3. Deviator
    by Noise Unit
  4. Neyslutrans RemiXed
    by Hatari
  5. Irregular Revisions Vol. II
  6. Meishin Onryō
    by Nootropic & Hex Wolves
  7. Lost Transmissions Vol. 1
    by The LSD
  8. PIG - 'Sex & Death'
    by PIG
    Sex & Death Sex & Death
    This is what I came for. Can't begin to elabourate on this fucking gold.
  9. Pain is God - Deluxe Vinyl Edition
    by PIG
    Mobocracy (Militant Mix) Mobocracy (Militant Mix)
    Hog Wild
  10. Necronome003
    by YMB, RHAOUL
    The Void The Void
  11. Necronome002
    by end.user, Stazma The Junglechrist
    Robots Robots
  12. Dust
    by Black Asteroid
    Dust (Liebknecht Remix) Dust (Liebknecht Remix)
    legit af
  13. Resonance
    by cEvin Key
    Thirteen Thirteen
    The Park
    it's adequately dark
  14. Xenospheres
    by Rabbit Junk
    From the Stars II (Kite and Vireo) From the Stars II (Kite and Vireo)
    How to choose one song on this album, no wait, any RJ album, is just such a battle. Every song is in itself a lesson, journey, adventure, affair, trial, and tribulation; all washed down with 21 year old top shelf.
    certified CYBERPUNK AS FUCK. mix and match, smash the fash, and push all the fucking limits.
    by CYBER CRASH 2000
    Implants Implants
  16. Music* For A Busy Head Vol 2
    by matt coldrick
    Cloud Plateaux Cloud Plateaux
  17. Hijacker
    by Jeremy Inkel
    Take That Take That
    Jer was working on this stuff through so many itterations over the years, and while I was deffinitely lucky to hear a lot of the demos, and ideas that never got finished; I'm truly happy to see the culmination of his ideas, love, sweat, and tears develop into this final release that would have made him so proud.
  18. Precipice Maxi Single
    by Dissonance
    MOL Junior Kain Remix MOL Junior Kain Remix
  19. Apocrypha
    by SIRUS
    Singularity Singularity
  20. The Book Of Gates
    by SIRUS
    The Book Of Gates (DAVE INOX Remix) The Book Of Gates (DAVE INOX Remix)