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  1. Pestmo'qon
    by Ushangvagush
  2. Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort
    by Grey Aura
  3. Dawn Of Defiance
    by Θλίψις/ Thlipsis
  4. Clad In Your Misery
    by Voidwind
  5. Suol
    by Suol
  6. The Bigotry of Purpose
    by Grave Pilgrim
  7. L'héritage
    by Boréalys
  8. Circle of Ouroborus - Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykset
    by His Wounds
  9. Sculpting From Time
    by Asphodelus
  10. Nordiska Svarthågor
    by Mjältsjuka
  11. Runespell - Shores of Nastrond
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  12. §ºanΩë aglivajsamë cá nëlh¶iha i eddana pi¶e
    by Trhä
  13. Ouroboros
    by Haar
  14. Nocturnal Triumph - Into Light's Graven Womb (Remix)
    by Amor Fati Productions
  15. Nocturnal Triumph - The Fangs of Miseries Past (Remix)
    by Amor Fati Productions
  16. Fallen from the Throne
    by Beyond The Permafrost
  17. Metafyzika barbarstva
    by Stangarigel
  18. lhum'adsejja
    by Trhä
  19. summerset streetlights
    by sadness, kenopsia
  20. Isänmaan kasvot