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Apocalypse Dude

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  1. ...And Again Into The Light
    by Panopticon
    Know Hope Know Hope
    Blind pre-order...and now a few days later I got to listen to the 2 songs. Killer songs as usual! 🤘🏻
  2. Maere
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  3. Hadal
    by Over The Voids...
  4. Afterhour In Walhalla
    by Witchfucker
  5. Sielulintu (Full album)
    by Einvigi
  6. Enlighten Me
    by Sgàile
  7. Unleashed Hymns
    by Fjøsnisse
  8. Djinn
    by UADA
  9. Moonlit Navigation
    by Inexorum
  10. Abreaction
    by Amiensus
  11. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
  12. The Earth Is Silent
    by Sun Of The Dying
  13. The Bleakness Of Our Constant
    by Eneferens
  14. Bonebranches
    by Bloodbark
  15. Nocturne
    by Unreqvited / Asunojokei
  16. Ladoga
    by Olhava
  17. As Dusk Fell
    by vaar
  18. I
    by vaar
  19. Vjuga
    by Show Me a Dinosaur
  20. Dust
    by Show Me a Dinosaur