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  1. Zeroin
    by Dope Smoker
    Back To Zero Back To Zero
    Haunting and beautiful
  2. The Swamp Records Sampler
    by The Swamp Records
  3. Doom of Babylon
    by Watchman
  4. Hypnagogia
    by Willow Ash
    La Petite Mort La Petite Mort
    Fun album with numerous influences, vocals half way between Peter Steele and Glen Danzig.
  5. Yule Wheel of the year vol 2
    by Earthcaster
  6. Litha Wheel of the Year, Vol. 4
    by Earthcaster
  7. Coven
    by Earthcaster
  8. Beltane Wheel of the Year Vol 3
    by Earthcaster
    by Earthcaster
  10. Samhain Wheel of the Year vol 1
    by Earthcaster
  11. Black Smokers
    by Lochness
  12. Curse of The Pharaoh
    by Eye of Doom
  13. Hierofante
    by Hierofante
  14. 503.420.6669.vol_one
    by Tigers On Opium
    Hash Hash
    Great sounding album. Reminds me of the early, and best, work of QotSA, but not derivative. The song Hash is five and half minutes long, but feels like a 15 minute epic.
  15. Atmospheric Electricity
    by Shiraz Castle Magic
  16. Salvian Journey
    by Hovenweep
    The Last Ones The Last Ones
    Damn good metal. I am sure there are many descriptive adjectives appropriate to describe their genre, but most important is just the simple quality of the composition and execution.
  17. SAVAGE
    by Never Before
  18. Sign Of The Devil
    by Dopelord
    Hail Satan Hail Satan
    These guys rock hard, love the whole album. But I must have a Dopelord patch for my battlejacket!!!!
  19. Fostermother
    by Fostermother
  20. Hell
    by Legba
    Bringer Of Fire Bringer Of Fire
    Great vocals, amazing instrumentation, excellent song composition all around.