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  1. Monarch of Death Rave
    by Rotteen
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    Crane's Rage Crane's Rage
    If this were the 90's, Ren would be the Rave King with this album. High quality rave music to listen to while you're out with friends or for dancing in front of a computer to. Hell, some tracks are dance floor ready. This whole album is solid. I can't wait to see more.
  2. To Be Close To You
    by Julia Brown
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    i was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke i was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke
    I've been listening to this album for what seems to be years now. I thought I might finally buy a copy with all the extras on it. This album got me through some tough times. 9/10.
  3. Waterproof
    by moro
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    Waterproof Waterproof
    Shit goes hard in the paint, I tell you what. 8/10.
  4. Points of Interest
    by glue70
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    Highway Broken Highway Broken
    Nice little fun album. Good for putting on in the background and cleaning or just nodding your head too. Solid stuff.
  5. mind breaking the body
    by hyi
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    near near
    How can you hate hyi?
    Solid release. 8/10.
    One hell of a journey. Ren is slowly becoming a master of emotion via sound. This just proves it. I love this single alot and I hope to heard more from the HHSU crew.
  7. Dancing is Depressing
    by attic abasement
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    A Werewolf A Werewolf
    The more I listen, the more I realize the themes presented on the album speak volumes to me.
    You really gotta read between the lines of the lyrics. The very lyrics that I'm typing on a notepad to make sure I understood what I just heard.

    pure gold.

  8. A Collection of Insecurities
    by DuermeDuerme
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    Underneath.[WLDFLWR] Underneath.[WLDFLWR]
    A wonderful collection of music. It's beautiful, emotinal, and at times, breath-taking.

    I want to make music like DuermeDuerme does. It's just that good. 9.5/10.
  9. phwoa
    by Halley Labs Associates
    phwoa phwoa
    It's neat.
    I fall asleep to it everytime I end up listening to it, so I dunno if that's a good sign or not but that's really the point of the ambient genre, to be fair with you.
    It's pretty good from what I've listened to so far.
  10. Wriggle
    by clipping.
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    Shooter Shooter
    Insanely sick EP that CLPPNG (clipping.) has dropped here. A worthy follow-up to their self-titled debut from Sub Pop. This is a fine follow-up. Very fun listen, really makes you want to move around in a warehouse on loads of drugs to this banger.
  11. CYLS Sampler #5
    by Count Your Lucky Stars
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    At Least I Tried At Least I Tried
    What a beautiful collection of tracks. If you got some cash, shell it out for this. It's well worth it.
  12. Dread Lock Psychelops
    by moro
    Dread Lock Psychelops Dread Lock Psychelops
    Super duper great/10. Truly a Moro classic.
  13. wake up, painful sister!
    by goreshit
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    wake up, painful sister! wake up, painful sister!
    Such a beautiful goreshit album! Essential to your goreshit collection, if you happen to own one.
  14. BEST OF LAPFOX VOL 1: Because Maybe!
    by Renard
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    I'm a Blind Cave Salamander I'm a Blind Cave Salamander
    Overall a great record to game to. This was a fun, happy-go-lucky album that never fails to bring a smirk on my face from the amount of silliness in it. It cures depression, god damn it.
  15. Teens Of Denial
    by Car Seat Headrest
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    Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
    This album is better than taking a hot shower after being outside in -20 degree weather for eight hours straight with no jacket on.
    Actual Favorite: Destroyed By Hippie Powers.
    This whole album is just one big banger and if you enjoyed CSHR previously, you'll be head over body for this album. It's just that damn good. 9.5/10, nearly flawless.
  16. 広島死闘篇~Hiroshima Deathmatch~
    by DieTrax vs FFF
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    Get Hyper Get Hyper
    Hardcore! This is a super fun jam to listen to at a loud volume. However, I wouldn't recommend listening to it while you're at work as you might get a funny look or so. But if you don't care about that, blast it, baby.
  17. It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot
    by teen suicide
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    God God
    If you love Teen Suicide, then you'll love them more than ever. An interesting journey in audio, an introspective view of Sam Ray and his life proudly displayed and more well-written than his previous albums, and an overall concept of well-being and showering off the gunk that once was Teen Suicide. I, for one, welcome the new change of pace.
    UPDATE - I saw Teen Suicide live in Atlanta and they played a few songs of this record and it was monsterous. I'm going from an 8.5 to a 9.5.
  18. Gensho
    by Boris & Merzbow
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    Boris - Heavy Rain (Disc 1) Boris - Heavy Rain (Disc 1)
    An overall amazing album/collaboration. If you're a fan of Boris, listen to this.
    RECOMMENDED, Play both CDS into two different players and play at the same time for a trip.
  19. Arc
    by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
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    Deathbed Deathbed
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed has come a long way and it shows with each guttural growl, pounding bass drum, and defying sound. Highly recommended.
  20. Girlfight
    by Jaded Juice Riders
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    Blackies Blackies
    Nice little Surfer Rock-esque album. Really good soundtrack to walking home at night or driving around in your car or laying on the beach or something akin to those activities.
  21. bad academia
    by Halley Labs Associates
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    hotel hotel
    Great album. Great to listen to at night before bed. I love anything HLA related tbh. You should buy this. 8/10.
  22. Scar Sighted
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    The Smoke of Their Torment The Smoke of Their Torment
    Heavy, thick, and everything decent in an album you need. This is a GREAT album to own. You should own it. Listen to this when you're really angry or sad and it'll fix you right the HECK up. 8.5/10
  23. Æther
    by DELUGE
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    Appât Appât
    When I first heard this album, I clicked it on by random chance. I didn't expect much but the cover was cool. Little did I know how wrong I was. This album is just WONDERFUL. I feel like I'm being punched down to hell while my flesh rots off my bones, and then rising to heaven. This album is truly a journey. It's fucking great. 8/10. I flove playing this at 3 am during my nightly walks. I'd recommend it.
  24. Muffin Music - Literally Everything (Literally)
    by Gammer
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    Rip Roar Rip Roar
    A great fucking discography for those who want to get into the Electronic music scene. 8/10.
  25. 3
    by Car Seat Headrest
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    portrait of the artist as a young fag portrait of the artist as a young fag
    A stunning yet young work of art by Will Toledo, a galvanistically young 20-something year old man who's journey in life is laid out with lo-fi crunch, killer hooks, teen angst and desperation, and much more! Before getting into Twin Fantasy and all the other albums, I'd start with 3 and Monomania (maybe MBIKMB if ur friend is a lo-fi luvrboi). This album is also a precursor to the infamous Toledo Sound™. Buy this, I beg of ye.