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  1. Crush
    by Floating Points
  2. Photosynthesis
    by Greg Foat & James Thorpe
  3. AUMA
    Okitwoye Okitwoye
    Sublime genre-bending, border-crossing, ancient-to-future African business. A top 10 record for 2019 for me.
  4. Whities 024
    by Anunaku
  5. Colored
    by Afriqua
    Upstream (ft Zap Mama) Upstream (ft Zap Mama)
  6. Iowa Dream
    by Arthur Russell
    How is it possible that there is this much amazing unreleased Arthur Russell music? So prolific. This album has some absolute stone cold gems on it, can't wait for the vinyl to show up!
  7. 7
    by SAULT
    Red Lights Red Lights
    The mystery continues, and the sound is as good as ever. "Sault take the best elements of Liquid Liquid and ESG—the rubbery, funky basslines, the percolating rhythms, the playground-schoolyard sing-song refrains—mix in elements of R&B and soul, and let the sparks fly" to quote the Bandcamp Daily:
  8. 5
    by SAULT
    Up All Night Up All Night
    Bam! An album of ear worms. Truly one of the best for 2019.
  9. Anicca
    by Teebs
    Mirror Memory Mirror Memory
  10. Jaime
    by Brittany Howard
    Baby Baby
  11. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
    Alright Alright
    I love it when an album this good seemingly comes out of nowhere...RIYL Washed Out, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Connan Mockasin...
  12. Peace Process
    by Run Child Run
    Prayer ft EL Tsid Prayer ft EL Tsid
    His 2018 Vanishing Point EP just blew me away, this album is even better. Check the interview:
  13. Earth Tones
    by Yadava
    Good Mourning Good Mourning
    Nothing wrong with dancing with a big grin on your face...
    by Muriel Grossmann
    Traneing In Traneing In
    Muriel wears her John Coltrane love boldly on her sleeve, and wow does she wear it well!.
  15. Forever Turned Around
    by Whitney
  16. the range of light wilderness
    by the range of light wilderness
  17. A Loveless Sunken Sun
    by Corey King
  18. Anna Painting
    by Four Tet
  19. Timbuktu - The Music of Randy Weston
    by Cheick Tidiane Seck
  20. Mahakali - The Music of Don Cherry
    by The Gritness Acoustronics
  21. Don't Buy Ivory Anymore! The Music of Henri Texier
    by Palm Unit
  22. Le Temps Fou - The Music of Marion Brown
    by Jonathan Jurion
  23. Directions
    by JAB
    Directions Directions
    Fantastic slice of uplifting dance music inspired by the mighty Theo Parrish.
  24. Walls of Jerusalem
    by Yabby You & King Tubby
    Plague on the land Plague on the land
    Deep, dubby, soulful and storied, this is a Jamaican essential.
  25. Signal
    by Automatic
    Calling It Calling It
  26. A Song For Paul
    by Ghost Funk Orchestra
    Skin I'm In Skin I'm In
    Been listening to this a lot since the full length dropped - it's way more psyche and jazz influenced than I'd imagined - really a great listen top to bottom.
  27. Um Corpo no Mundo
    by Luedji Luna
    Banho de Folhas Banho de Folhas
    Lovely breezy Brazilian vibes. Album of the week:
  28. Foulden Road
    by Neue Grafik Ensemble
    Brilliant! Loving NG's recent output (esp the collab with IG Culture), and here on this record with Nubya and Allysha Joy cameos.
    Liquid science Liquid science
    Some of those bass lines are beyond rude. Another winner from Ill Considered.
  30. Tight Knit
    by Vetiver
    Strictly Rule Strictly Rule
    Really glad to see this old favorite (along with a big chunk of Andy's back catalog) up on Bandcamp.
  31. Xenia
    by Xenia França
  32. Early Bird
    by Leonardo Marques
    Ainda é Cedo Ainda é Cedo
    An utterly charming folksy slice of modern Brazilian Tropicalia. Definitely getting some Mario Caldato Jr. vibes here.
  33. The Return
    by Sampa The Great
    More like Sampa The Greatest.
  34. Jungles Of Enceladus
    by ThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS
    A whiff of the forthcoming album you say? Well tickle me pink.
  35. The Storyteller - A Musical Tribute to Yusef Lateef
    by The Nat Birchall Quartet
    Nat is just flying at the moment. From deep dub and tributes to Yusef - and it's all amazing.
  36. EP1
    by Likwid Continual Space Motion
    IG Culture with the edge you need.
  37. Reflections
    by Kirk Degiorgio presents As One
    Shambala Shambala
    An essential piece to the puzzle...Kirk's releases stand the test of time. Intvw here:
  38. Blume
    by NÉRIJA
    Riverfest Riverfest
    A really joyous and uplifting record made by a line-up of cream-of-the-crop UK musicians. Check the interview:
  39. Jumpcut
    by Man Jumping
    In The Jungle In The Jungle
    This is madness, but I LOVE it.
  40. Bones
    by Datach'i
    Rockledge 3A Rockledge 3A
  41. Resavoir
    by Resavoir
    Taking Flight (feat. Brandee Younger) Taking Flight (feat. Brandee Younger)
    Easily one of the best for 2019. Such an ingenious mix of organic and electronic instruments to make an engaging and uplifting jazz record for the times (and beyond.) Typically brilliant Intl Anthem.
  42. Walkie Talkie
    by Brijean
    Fundi Fundi
    Breezy summertime jams that land somewhere between the percussive persuasion of KDJ and the funky quirkiness of Moloko, yes that ish is tight!
  43. Kutiman - Lines from Different Sources
    by Kutiman
    Line 2 Line 2
  44. Tabansi Records Sampler
    by BBE
  45. Zdenka 2080
    by salami rose joe louis